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Why You Should Use Hard Body Waxes During Pregnancy

April 07, 2017

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 Pregnant women can use hard body waxes for her sensitive skinWomen who are pregnant experience several emotional and physical changes from the very first days of those exciting nine months of preparation to welcome a new life into the world. Adjusting to this new, temporary lifestyle means having to put a pause on some beauty routines like hair dyeing, chemical sunscreens, or certain cosmetics… but what happens with hair removal? Among the apparent endless list of restrictions, we understand that some women doubt whether they can or cannot remove body hair during this time.

"Can I use hair removal cream?", "Is soft wax or hard wax better?" These are some of the questions clients in spas or beauty salons ask about hair removal during pregnancy. Before discussing some of these frequently asked questions, we'll answer the most important one: Is it even safe to wax during pregnancy? The good news is that, according to doctors and licensed estheticians, waxing while enceinte is totally possible and harmless; the skin does not absorb the wax so it doesn't present any danger for the baby.

However, physical changes may modify the process. As a woman's belly grows, her cardiovascular system, among other parts of her body, alters. Her heart beats faster because her body has 25% more blood, this means higher blood volume and an increase in the amount of blood vessels. Also, the skin stretches and spider veins may appear due to the hyper-dynamic circulation. All these changes, combined with hormonal alternation, makes the skin more sensitive than usual. For waxing, this means that the procedure will cause more pain.

Pregnancy also means hair will grow thicker and more abundant. You might see hairs in places you had never seen before in your life (back, chin, arms…). Even though this effect is temporary and having trimmed and tidy legs or bikini area is not a requirement for giving birth, some women still like to keep certain body areas fuzz-free while pregnant for comfort; it's just a matter of personal choice.

Why hard body waxes?

If your due date is approaching and you want to be hair-free down there for the big day, or if you just don't want to stop your monthly waxing ritual during those 36 weeks, we have good news: you won't have to! Just make sure to tell your esthetician you're expecting so she can make the necessary arrangements and choose suitable products. If you fear the pain, ask your esthetician to use hard wax instead of regular strip wax. This product doesn't stick to the skin so it's perfect for people with extremely sensitive skin.

Esthetician using hard body wax in pregnant woman Hard wax works differently than soft wax; it is applied at a low temperature and will grab the hair without removing layers of skin. Besides, hard waxes are pulled out in the direction of hair growth, which will certainly hurt less than pulling the hair in the opposite way.

Furthermore, waxing specialists should follow a special protocol for pregnant clients. Since there is a high chance their skin is over sensitive, it is mandatory to apply pre-depilatory products like powders, antiseptic lotions, or balms to prep the area before the procedure (note that these must be chemical-free and safe for the baby). If you're a licensed esthetician, keep in mind that as the pregnancy progresses, it might get harder for a woman to exfoliate certain parts of the body or to get her body into certain positions for the waxing procedure. As a consequence, you may have to treat areas with ingrown hairs or turn to different methods to complete the procedure. One thing is certain: the safety of the baby and the mom must always be first.

If you are looking for quality hard body waxes to treat your clients, Beauty Image offers you the best products with a wide array of hard waxes that melt at low temperature and come in different scents and presentations. You can find more information about these waxes and other hair removal products by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or on our YouTube Channel, where you'll also find tutorials to learn how to purchase our products. If you want to stay up to date with our promotions, don't forget to find us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA and follow us on Instagram @BeautyImageUSA.
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