Sweet Dreams

Pamper your clients with these brightly colored and sweetly scented face and body hard waxes and roll-ons. The Sweet Dreams collection comes in three varieties: Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Blue Jelly. As for the hard waxes, each variety has a different texture: Lollipop is thinner and very elastic; Marshmallow is creamy; and Blue Jelly is extra creamy. Once these esthetician waxes melt, their sweet smell intensifies and fills the air, delighting the senses. They have a low melting point and moisturizing properties, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin since they will barely feel the heat.

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Best Waxes for Estheticians

Our full collection of Sweet Dreams waxes includes roll-on waxes, hard waxes, and soft waxes for your esthetician business. Leaving your clients’ skin soft and supple and available in incredible scents, these waxes will keep clients coming back over and over. With professional options, these waxes are great for salons, cosmetologists, and spas.

Beauty Image USA for Professionals

With a full collection of professional hair removal products, Beauty Image USA offers top-quality esthetician wax for your entire business. Serving the community since 1997, we are proud to offer our services to your business as well. Sign up now to access our incredible deals on all of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best waxes for your clients are gentle, yet effective. These waxes help moisturize the skin while still producing great results and are versatile enough to work well on body and face hair.

Professional salon waxes are made without preservatives, or harsh chemicals, and are ideal to keep clients’ skin soft, supple, and nourished. They have low melting points and maintain temperature well for repeated use.

Many waxes for estheticians don’t have a smell or may have a mild scent. Our Sweet Dreams collection offers delightfully sweet scents so clients can enjoy their waxing experiences even more.