Pre- & Post-Depilatories

We offer the best pre- and post-depilatory products for your clients. From calming oils to creams, powders, and lotions, we have everything you need to ensure successful hair removal and a pleasant hair removal experience for your clients. Our natural ingredients are perfect for all skin types and waxing locations, including the face and bikini area. We even have refreshing post-depilatory oils to leave a light and refreshing texture on your client’s skin after a waxing or sugaring session.

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Pre- and Post- Waxing Care

We offer a variety of pre-depilatory products to prepare your clients’ skin for waxing or sugaring treatments. Our pre-depilatory powder softens the skin and removes sweat and other residues before waxing for maximum wax adherence. We also have a pre-depilatory tonic to cleanse the area before waxing or sugaring services.

After waxing or sugaring, we have post-depilatories to soothe the skin, refresh it, reduce irritation, and prevent in-grown hairs.

Our Commitment to You

Beauty Image USA has been proudly serving spas and salons nationwide for over 25 years. We love being the go-to for professional beauty products that are sustainable, environmentally conscious, and natural for our clients. You’ll find products for all of your beauty needs and Beauty Image USA. Place an order today to elevate your waxing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure the best hair removal results, prepping the skin and hair with a pre-depilatory before waxing or sugaring is ideal. These products allow for maximum adhesion to the hair by removing sweat and excess oils from the skin as well as cleansing and disinfecting. Formulated with natural ingredients and to keep your skin moisturized and clean, pre-depilatories make hair removal easier.

Ensuring your clients are comfortable and enjoy the waxing or sugaring experience is crucial to encouraging repeat business. Post-depilatories help soothe and moisturize the skin after waxing treatments to reduce common post-waxing side effects such as redness, ingrown hairs, and irritation. These refreshing products make your client’s skin softer and leave them with a positive experience.

By properly preparing the skin before waxing or sugaring and moisturizing it afterward with pre- and post-depilatory treatments, you greatly reduce the risk of ingrown hairs for your clients. Thes products ensure the closure of pores following hair removal treatments to minimize the probability of ingrown hairs.