Registration Policy

Registration Policy

In an effort to create a community for the professional esthetician, we have created a registration system that is exclusive to them. Only professional estheticians are allowed to register and make purchases on our website. For that reason we ask for an esthetician's license when registering on our website. In an effort to protect the identity and license of our customers, an account may be rejected or ultimately suspended after being accepted, under the following circumstances. Beauty Image is however not limited by these circumstances and holds the right to reject or suspend accounts as we deem necessary.

  • The license number provided for registration cannot be verified by its respective state governing body. If you are concerned about your license not appearing, please verify it with your local state's esthetician license verification website.
  • The license provided is denoted as invalid or as delinquent by the state's respective governing body. 
  • The license provided does not represent the person who is purchasing our products. Exceptions are made solely for those who make purchases on behalf of a waxing salon. This person would have needed to identify this in their registration to prevent a suspension of their account upon a purchase with a different name.
  • Use of a stolen license number.
  • Purchasing from a state in which the person is not licensed to work in.
  • Providing a license that does not pertain to the practice of waxing e.g. a Nail Technician license.
  • The license is a foreign license. As in the license is not certified by a state within the United States.
  • Licenses from Alaska and Hawaii are also currently not accepted, as estheticians from there may not make purchases from our website. For all estheticians from Alaska and Hawaii who are interested in our products, please email
  • If under suspicion that the account was created solely for the purpose of the solicitation of information to use as competition against Beauty Image.

Beauty Image is only authorized to make one exception in the registration process and that is for students studying at an accredited program to ultimately get a license for the use of waxes in their state. Any student who wishes to register an account on our website should put in the section that asks for a license "Student". Afterwards they must email us, with the same email they used to register the account, proof of registration into such program to Students will only be accepted if we have received their proof of registration to their accredited program.

Please bear in mind that the following states do not have online verification of their esthetician's licenses. Anyone registering from these states will be asked to upload a photo of their license on our website. Selection of these states below, in the section denoted as "License Registration State" will lead to you being prompted to upload a photo.