Hair Wax Kits

When outfitting your salon or spa with professional waxing products, our salon wax kits may be the best option. In our kits, we include everything you need to serve your clients for all their waxing needs. Kits may include bases for multiple wax warmers or may include a wax warmer, applications, depilatories, and more.

You’ll discover a full collection of incredible products in our waxing kits and also enjoy the cost-savings associated with purchasing multiple items at once. Discover more about our products and wax kits below.

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Salon Waxing Kits

Hair wax kits from Beauty Image USA are the ideal way to grab everything you need for your clients in one simple package. Plus, you can trust the products will be of the highest quality.

All of our wax is made from the highest quality ingredients and you can choose your favorite or the ones your clients love the most. We offer economically friendly and bio-sustainable hard wax, soft wax, and all of the accessories you’ll need as well.

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Beauty Image USA proudly serves clients nationwide and across the globe. We offer professional-grade hair wax kits and other hair removal products that exceed your and your clients’ needs.

By becoming a member of Beauty Image USA, you get access to incredible products including waxes, sugaring products, accessories, hair removal kits, and depilatories. All of them will leave your client’s skin soft, supple, and nourished.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right hair wax kit can be challenging as you want to ensure your kit has everything you need and is made from quality ingredients. Ensure your waxing kit has high-quality wax, applicators, a wax heater if you need it, and pre- and post-depilatory treatments to keep your client’s skin soft and supple.

While there are a plethora of waxing kits that can be purchased for home use, remind your clients that your professional wax products are salon-grade and all-natural. Plus, you can prepare their skin before and soothe it after with professional pre- and post-depilatories, leaving them with an overall better experience.

When you are looking to purchase hair waxing kits for your salon or spa versus purchasing all of your needed items separately, you’ll want to compare the products and their prices. You will find that waxing kits offer incredible savings since you get wax, applicators, heaters, and other items in one handy kit. If you’re just starting out or you need to replenish your inventory, a kit is a great option.