Classic Wax

Give your clients a comfortable waxing experience that leaves their skin moisturized and soft with our natural pine rosin wax which is naturally derived from beeswax. The wax beads have a low melting point with great elasticity for workability without leaving any residue. Our classic wax product line offers dermatologically tested products designed for facial and body hair. Explore our collection of soft and hard hair removal wax today.

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Types of Hard Wax Beads

Beauty Image USA offers wax beads for specific client skin types and desired results. Green beads provide a fragrant moisturizing experience, while sapphire beads are a more pliable wax infused with Camomile Recutita flower extracts that are gentle on the skin. Natural hard hair removal wax beads instinctively cleanse the skin and are very effective on coarse hair. Try all three beeswax hair removal products so your clients have the best experience.

Earth-Friendly Soft Wax

If you are looking for a wax that gently removes hair and leaves skin smooth and clean, Beauty Image USA has the perfect soft wax hair removal products for your salon. We create our waxes in a state-of-the-art, high-tech facility to ensure proper ingredients for optimal results. Natural honey, Green Pine, Azulene, and Gold Nacree wax help you provide your clients with an effective hair removal process for body and facial hair as well as extended areas. The soft and creamy-textured wax is easy to apply and remove. Shop our collection of classic waxes today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wax beads for coarse hair allow you to use the exact amount needed for the specific area. You can spread the wax where it needs applying vs. using an entire strip that can go beyond required hair removal areas.

Beeswax is a natural substance with high quantities of vitamin A. Due to the amount of vitamins and moisturizer in beeswax, it is an excellent choice for soft wax or hard wax hair removal.

Salon estheticians first prep the skin using a pre-depilatory. Then, they apply a thin layer of soft wax to a specified area of the body or face using a spatula. After setting the wax, the specialist applies a strip and removes the wax, which also removes the hair.