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Paraffin Wax January 28, 2020 Everything You Need to Know About Paraffin Wax

Get ready to beautify your clients' skin with paraffin wax. We'll walk you through the most important characteristics of paraffin wax.

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Contraindications of Waxing January 21, 2020 Contraindications of Waxing for People with Skin Conditions

What happens when you have a skin condition? Can you still enjoy all the benefits of waxing? There's still a chance, just as there's...

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Choco Wax and Soft Body Waxes January 13, 2020 2 Essentials for Your Beauty Salon: Choco Wax and Soft Body Waxes

Let's look at the benefits and characteristics of choco wax and soft body waxes and see why they are essential for your beauty salon.

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