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Waxing Essentials: What You Need to Start Your Waxing Career

Feb 13, 2024
Waxing Essentials: What You Need to Start Your Waxing Career

Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal methods, so starting a waxing career is a sound decision. The process itself is simple enough, and that's one of the points in its favor, but it doesn't mean you can get by with no preparation and low-grade equipment.

Today, we'll go over the necessary groundwork to help you succeed in the beauty and hair removal industry. With the right education and equipment, you can ensure that all your waxing treatments end with smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Becoming a Wax Technician

To start your waxing career, you need to know the ins and outs of working as a wax technician. This not only includes the skills to remove unwanted body hairs without harming the skin, but the steps to create a pleasant environment where clients can feel safe.

On average, it only takes from 6 months to a year to graduate as an esthetician. It all depends on the program you choose and the schedule you make while combining online and in-person studies. To get a waxing certification, you must learn the different techniques involved in applying and removing the wax.

Esthetician schools also focus on other important aspects. You'll be trained to showcase a welcoming attitude without losing the boundaries of professionalism while promoting a safe, hygienic environment.

Future estheticians also need a state license before getting real experience in the field. From there, apprenticeships and part-time jobs are a good way to spread your name and credentials around the local market.

If your goal is to open a salon, a spa, or a waxing business, your preparation should also cover statewide commercial laws, marketing, and accounting. Questions around locations, supplies, budget, pricing, staff, target audience, and branding strategy should all be addressed in advance.

Important Skills in a Successful Waxing Career

There aren't many limitations for those who want to start a career in the hair removal industry. While nothing beats hands-on preparation and learning the ways of your local market, we can still outline the most important steps you need to follow throughout your waxing career:

  • Your need to adapt your skillset to different situations. For example, a full Brazilian package requires a steady hand and good time management while eyebrow and upper-lip waxing demands a lot of precision. You need to trust your abilities to wax different parts of the body like the legs, arms, back, face, underarms, and inner thighs.
  • Correct waxing practices overlap with other areas of the beauty industry, so wax technicians need to be knowledgeable in skincare and cosmetology to properly treat sensitive skin and clogged pores.
  • You need to become proficient while using different wax formulas. Each product has its own instructions and some waxes have a thicker consistency that hardens much more quickly after touching the skin. If you work in a salon or a spa, you also need to hold your own when conducting hair removal methods like sugaring, threading, tweezing, and depilatory creams.
  • Don't neglect your one-on-one time with clients. Salon consultations are important to learn about potential risk factors (skin conditions and allergies, injuries, medication) and help newbies relax before their first salon session.
  • Pre-wax consultations are also important to educate clients on pre- and post-wax care. Clients play an important part in preparing the skin before a session, and their skincare habits can accelerate the healing process after their salon appointment.
  • A clean work environment is essential to provide the best quality experience. You need to keep a tidy workstation at all times, adhering to public health regulations and sanitizing all your reusable equipment. Avoid double-dipping and keep a new set of spatulas, wax strips, and gloves nearby for easy access during the most hectic hours of the day.

Waxing Essentials

It's time to talk about the materials and equipment you need to deliver the expected results in all your waxing treatments. It's no secret that you can find a wide variety of waxes at your local store, but these formulas don't cut it in a professional setting; they often have a high concentration of artificial ingredients with not enough properties to soothe the skin after the hair is ripped from the follicles.

Professional waxes also offer more options to deal with specific skin types and they provide a gentle treatment that prevents injuries when the skin is thinner and more prone to breaking.

Beyond a healthy supply of waxing formulas, you need to have all these tools in your wax kit:

  • Applicators: Also known as spatulas, they can be made of metal, wood, silicone, or plastic. They're also essential in all wax treatments, whether you're using soft or hard waxes. As the name suggests, applicators help you spread the wax evenly on the skin; they also work for testing the consistency of the paste while the wax melts in the pot. Depending on the material, wax applicators can be reusable, as long as they're disinfected and sterilized before each new session.
  • Professional wax warmers: Wax heaters are designed to perfectly match a product's composition. It works better than a microwave because its additional mechanism helps warm the wax to the right temperature with less hassle. Again, your wax warmer must suit each product: many heaters are tailored to the standard size of wax cans and/or pots, while others are made exclusively for roll-on waxes.
  • Muslin or non-woven strips: They are essential for the application and removal of soft body waxes. After spreading a thin layer of wax on the skin, you press the strip to the area to prevent any leftover stickiness. Strips can't be reused, so you need to have a supply of strips ready for every occasion. Non-woven epilating rolls are also an option for those who need to customize the size of their strips.
  • Waxing gloves: You should never use your naked hand to touch your client's skin; this is waxing 101. Usually made of latex or nitrile, waxing gloves help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. They're also disposable so you need a fresh pair of gloves for every session.
  • Aluminum pots: They're durable enough to withstand hours of heat every day. Pots designed specifically for hair removal treatments have the right capacity to hold the necessary amount of wax. They're also equipped with a lid and a handle to help the esthetician's movements if they need to change positions during extended treatments.

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