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9 Must-Dos Before a Bikini Wax

Jan 10, 2023
9 Must-Dos Before a Bikini Wax

Many people look forward to showing off the results of their new beauty routine. When summer rolls around or a new event makes its way into their schedule, they get rid of unwanted body hair beforehand, ensuring that their skin looks smooth and healthy.

The right Body Waxing Supplies are essential to make the skin look its best, and bikini waxes are among the most popular services you'll find. Estheticians can take care of the bikini area without prompting the pesky side effects you'd get after using the razor every couple of days. If you've never waxed your bikini area, we tell you all you need to know.

About Bikini Waxes

Bikini waxes are popular even among those who are not into waxing, and the demand only increases during the summer when the weather starts to get hot. A traditional bikini wax removes the hair around the bikini line. That means waxing the hair on the inner thighs and around the pubic bone, as well as the happy trail or any hair on the lower stomach. These steps aren't set in stone as some clients don't have too many hairs in some of the areas mentioned above. In all cases, the main goal is to ensure smooth skin on all the parts that are left exposed while wearing a bikini, a bathing suit, or plain underwear.

If you're not familiar with bikini waxes beyond this definition, we bring you 9 tips to help you along. This section addresses all parts of a wax treatment, from prep to waxing and aftercare.

  1. The differences between types of intimate waxes: Bikini waxes are certainly common, so most people understand the gist of each treatment. Still, it's not unheard of for clients to ask for a bikini wax when they want their treatment to cover the pubic area as well. A standard bikini wax will go over the pubic hair, but only the part that surrounds the bikini line. If you want to go deeper and remove the hair all over the pubic bone front and back, you need to ask for a full Brazilian wax or a Hollywood wax.
  2. Don't get a wax before that time of the month: The closer you get to your period, the more sensitive the skin becomes. The body goes through various hormonal changes around your menstrual cycle, and the skin feels the pain more acutely. Don't book a wax appointment if your next period is drawing near; it's best to get a bikini wax 3 or 4 days after you've stopped menstruating.
  3. Wash and exfoliate the skin beforehand: Hygiene is a key factor when it comes to bikini waxes. The bikini line is already prone to infections due to constant friction and other factors. To prevent any side effects, clients must wash the skin properly at least 12 hours before a wax session. Likewise, they should exfoliate the skin regularly to stop the accumulation of residue and dead skin cells in the pores. We don't recommend following any of these steps right before a wax treatment or it could affect its effectiveness.
  4. Dress comfortably for bikini wax: You'll have to undress down to your underwear, so make sure to wear baggy clothes that are easy to remove. This also helps during the post-wax period, as the skin is too fragile to be scratched by tight clothes and rough fabrics. Bikini waxes and Brazilian waxes leave clients very exposed throughout the treatment, so estheticians should always create a pleasant environment where people can relax.
  5. What to expect when it comes to pain: We must be honest, bikini waxes are far from painless, especially for the uninitiated. The bikini area feels sensations more intensely than other parts of the body, so the pain of ripping off the wax is no small thing. Now, many salon-goers confirm that the pain becomes bearable after repeated visits, but it all depends on a person's pain threshold. You can always spread numbing cream on the area for a few hours before waxing. Also, waxing hurts less when the hairs are thinner, so it's true that regular appointments can help you down the line.
  6. What to do about stubborn hair: In most cases, professional waxes are enough to ensure that no hairs are left behind. With that said, it's important to know how to remove errant hair. The bikini area is very sensitive, and some clients don't want to go through the pain of waxing any more times than necessary. There are multiple options to deal with this. Hard waxes don't put a strain on the skin, so they can be used more than once before causing discomfort to seasoned clients. If you only have a couple of hairs left on the area, plucking them out with a pair of tweezers will save you time and resources. Shaving is not a good option. It will disrupt the hairs' regrowth cycle and any damage to the skin will be more noticeable when it's still healing from wax.
  7. Allow the hair to re-grow at least 1/4 of an inch long: This is the best solution to avoid errant hair after waxing. When the hair has grown beyond 1/4 of an inch, it's easier for the wax to get a firm hold and pulling it out takes no effort at all. Some wax formulas have a texture that's effective on slightly shorter hairs, but letting the hair grow long enough is still the best way to reduce the pain of bikini waxing. This also means trimming some in advance of it if you let it grow too long.
  8. Aftercare: We have already said that clients should avoid wearing tight clothes. Other things to avoid include direct sunlight, high temperatures, and physical activity. All in all, you should moisturize the skin and keep an eye on the area for at least 48 hours following the appointment. If you want to show off a smooth bikini line, you can still book a wax appointment with time to spare because the skin will remain hair-free for at least three weeks.
  9. Check for pricing: Salons tend to offer multiple options for their bikini waxes, so prices change depending on how much skin you want to wax and the products you choose to treat this sensitive part of the body. On average, bikini waxes can cost between $50 and $80 but don't be afraid to ask your esthetician about prices after going over your personal preferences.

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