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We are constantly adding to our selection of top-quality wax products to ensure you always have something new to offer your clients. Check out our newly-featured hair removal products and discover why your clients will love them. From roll-on waxes to hard wax cans and a variety of scents and ingredients, you’ll always find something new. All of our products are professional-grade and environmentally-friendly plus we offer the best savings for our members. We also offer traditional wax products and organic, vegan products to ensure you can offer the full collection of products at your spa or salon.

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We proudly offer waxing products for all clients including those looking for organically-made and vegan wax options.

Our new hair removal products are always great additions to our hard wax products or sugaring collections. You can also find the scents and ingredients your clients crave in our Sweet Dreams collection of scented wax cans and roll-on waxes.

Why Choose Beauty Image USA

Beauty Image USA is a leader in the professional hair removal industry proudly offering sustainable waxing products for spas and salons nationwide and worldwide.

We offer only the finest new hair removal products made from environmentally friendly products and with ingredients we trust for our own bodies. By becoming a member, you’ll be privy to incredible discounts and enjoy our full collection of hair removal products, waxes, accessories, and depilatories.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering the products for your salon or spa, you may wonder what makes commercial waxing products the best. Make sure you’re choosing wax with natural ingredients that will fully-adhere to hair and leave skin soft and supple when you’re done with your treatment. You may also want to opt for those made with organic and sustainable products that are meant for all skin types.

When choosing which products to use with your clients, you should consider their skin type, hair thickness, and other imperatives before selecting a wax. Hard wax must be heated before being applied, but it may give your clients better results when waxing sensitive areas like the bikini area or underarms. Alternatively, a soft wax doesn’t need to be heated as much and can be used for larger areas like the back or legs. Whichever you choose, our professional products will give your clients a pleasant experience and turn them into return customers.

The waxing and hair removal industry is consistently adding new products to its repertoire. It may be best to choose those that offer the cleanest ingredients that are the best for your client’s skin. Waxing products should work for all skin types, not cause irritation, have delicious scents, and leave skin feeling soft and nourished.