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August 16, 2017

All the Waxing Products for Men You Need for Male Intimate Waxing Waxing Products for Men Eucalyptus Line

Waxing men does not differ much from waxing women. However, professional estheticians must use specialized waxing products for men for good results. Even though both types of waxing are essentially...

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August 09, 2017

Why Hard Body Waxes Help Prevent Post-Waxing Acne Hard Body Waxes for Unhealthy Skin

Acne breakouts after a waxing treatment are more common than one would think. Uncomfortable pimples and unappealing red bumps can appear anywhere from a few hours after a session to a couple of wee...

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August 02, 2017

3 Areas Most Sensitive to Pain and How to Wax them Hard Body Waxes on Skin

Although estheticians can't offer pain-free waxing treatments, several methods do exist to reduce its intensity. As a licensed esthetician, you're surely familiar with calming oils, tea tree creams...

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July 26, 2017

What First-Time Clients Don't Know About Bikini Waxing Bikini Waxing with Hair Removal Products

It takes a lot of courage for first-timers to finally decide to book an appointment for a bikini wax at a professional salon. Their main source of information, the Internet, does not help ease the ...

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July 19, 2017

3 Advantages of Waxing over Epilators Hair Removal Products Vs. Epilators

If you're an active professional esthetician, then you probably have had clients who ask for your opinion regarding epilators. These hair removal machines might appear tempting—just a single invest...

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July 12, 2017

4 Tricks to Make Your Waxing Accessories Last Longer Waxing Accessories and Esthetician

Waxing accessories are an esthetician's favorite weapon. Acquiring new equipment is always exciting because it undoubtedly improves the services that cosmetologists offer to their clients; nonethel...

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