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Different Types of Hard Wax

Posted by Adriana Mendez, CEO on Feb 10, 2023
Different Types of Hard Wax

Hard waxes play an essential role in any salon setting. They are known to be versatile and effective on various different body parts, but their advantages do not end there. Professional hard body waxes are less painful on the skin and their texture is pleasant enough to soothe the area after ripping. Of course, there is no shortage of options, with many brands providing different wax presentations while catering to all tastes in a single line.

What stands out about Hard Body Waxes?

There are several unique features that set hard waxes apart. Unlike soft waxes, they don't require a strip for application. Instead, an esthetician applies the wax directly with one hand while holding the skin taut with the other. The thick texture of hard waxes makes it possible to spread a thin layer on the skin, but it takes skill to achieve the right technique. Hard waxes are applied in the same direction as hair growth and removed in the opposite direction, just like soft waxes. However, hard waxes don't stick to the skin. They only grip the hairs, which reduces pain when removing the wax. This means that hard waxes can be reapplied to the same area multiple times, making them ideal for delicate skin, such as on the face, inner thighs, and pubic bone. Many salons use hard waxes for popular treatments like facials, Brazilians, and Hollywood waxes. Hard waxes are more exclusive than soft waxes and require higher monthly costs to maintain a steady supply. As a result, they tend to be more expensive than strip waxes. Nevertheless, salons offer various packages to help clients customize their treatments based on their budgets and personal preferences.

Various Hard Wax Formats

The ingredients in the formula determine the texture of the melted wax. This also means that some waxes are better suited for specific treatments or skin types. While professional hard waxes ensure a gentle treatment, gel hard waxes are more effective at eliminating coarse, thick hair. When the focus is to increase precision while removing fine hairs, estheticians go for waxes with a creamier texture.

Now, let us take a closer look at different types of hard waxes, from professional wax formulas to traditional waxes sold at your local retail store.

  • Professional hard wax beads: Many estheticians consider this the best way to experience hard wax.      Professional hard waxes combine the most nourishing properties to suit different skin types and pamper the senses. Salons also offer enough variety to help clients find something that matches their preferences.

    The most commonly used form of wax is in the shape of small beads, but professional hard wax can also be purchased in the form of bricks or disks. While the application process does not vary significantly between these different forms, the preparation method may differ slightly, especially when it comes to the time required for heating the wax.
  • Traditional hard wax jars: The main advantage of these jars is that the wax can be melted in a microwave. They are a viable option when there is not enough money to upkeep a supply of professional waxes, and there are many options in the market to suit almost any budget. While they do not match the effectiveness of professional waxes, microwavable kits can still offer high-quality treatments and satisfying results, as long as you go for a reliable brand.
  • Homemade hard wax: Did you know that the main ingredients of hard body waxes, beeswax, and rosin, are easily accessible? This means that you have the option to make your own hard wax from scratch. A general rule is to melt four parts of rosin with one part of beeswax and sometimes add natural oils or fruit extract into the mix. While homemade waxes are simple to prepare, they don't offer the same level of workability that professional waxes do. Since they are made up of only the basic ingredients, using homemade waxes may not necessarily reduce the pain experienced during waxing. This is because it can be challenging to determine the amount of time needed for the wax to dry on the skin before removing it.

Get the Best Hard Wax for Your Hair Removal Treatments

We cannot talk about different types of hard wax without including the products in Beauty Image's hard wax line. All our hard wax formulas have a low melting point to ensure a pleasant waxing experience, along with many other benefits that make hair removal much more effective on the esthetician's end.

Sapphire Pearls: Our innovation, this wax has a polymer-based gel texture that feels amazing on the skin while complimenting your waxing technique. It has Chamomile Recutita flower extract as its active ingredient to provide maximum elasticity and all the effectiveness you need to wax coarse and fine hairs.

Dark ChocolateMaxi Pearls: Combining the benefits of cacao, almond oil, and dark chocolate, these pearls provide a moisturizing effect that soothes the skin from within. Their regenerating properties leave the skin smooth and glowing, pleasuring the senses throughout the treatment. The ingredients in our Dark Chocolate Maxi Pearls also work as powerful antioxidants to boost the post-wax healing process.

Glamour Beads: One of Beauty Image's signature products, our exclusive Glamour Beads bring all the moisturizing properties of argan oil and use gold powder to leave the skin glowing after a session. This product combines all the benefits long-time clients have learned to expect from our classic Finewax while providing the most unique salon experience.

Luxe DetoxMicroPearls: As the name suggests, this hard wax detoxifies and hydrates the skin using the properties of activated charcoal and caviar. This powerful combination is what gives Detox its signature black color. It also grants maximum malleability, earning the approval of countless estheticians over the years.

Champagne Fraises: These popular hard wax beads combine the best antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and clarifying properties. Their composition is perfect for sensitive skin, bringing strawberry and champagne in a winning combination that's appealing to many salon-goers. Unlike traditional wax formulas, our Champagne Fraises is also effective at removing shorter hairs, so they're in high demand for facial waxes and other treatments involving the removal of vellus hairs.

MadagascarVegan Maxipearls: Part of our unique Madagascar line, our Vegan Maxi pearls have a natural composition that's suitable to all skin types and almost any part of the body. The potent properties of Tamanu oil moisturize the skin while removing all the hair evenly, all without subjecting the skin to artificial colorants or perfume.

Get our professional wax formulas and fill your salon with the best waxing supplies. Beauty Image USA provides everything you need for your salon, including exclusive hard waxes to satisfy even the most demanding preferences. Our hard waxes will set a new standard and you'll take your services to the next level. Just call TOLL FREE at 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form, and our specialists will be happy to assist you. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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