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The Benefits of Adding Sugaring to Your Services

Feb 26, 2024
The Benefits of Adding Sugaring to Your Services

As waxing continues to grow in popularity in spas across the country, there’s another service that’s just as effective and beneficial – sugaring. Similar to a salon wax session, it’s a great way to remove body and facial hair. Considering all the benefits of sugaring, it’s a service that any spa should add to its menu, including yours. To fully understand how sugaring can increase your bottom line, it’s critical to learn more about sugar paste hair removal, its benefits, and why your clients will love it!

A More Natural Alternative

Compared to waxing, one of the main benefits of sugaring is that it’s a more natural alternative since it contains only a few simple, pure ingredients. When it comes to a classic sugar paste, it primarily includes sugar, water, and citric acid. That makes it a real draw for people who don’t want to deal with a bunch of additives and ingredients that can harm their skin. There’s no guessing game on whether or not a client will have a negative reaction to one of the ingredients.

As a result, sugaring is not only safe for the skin but environmentally sound and responsible. The mixture is also biodegradable, so you’re not doing any harm to a client’s skin or the planet. That’s always a plus as people become more conscious about both, giving you the honor of showing what a responsible spa you are!

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 More Inclusive for All Skin Types

Additionally, you should consider adding this service because your clients will love the benefits of sugaring since it’s suitable for the body and the face. You can also use sugaring for legs and underarms, as well as for bikini and Brazilian sessions. Both you and your clients will appreciate how sugaring is just as effective for small areas like the upper lip to larger areas like the back.

Another plus with sugar paste hair removal is it's applied at room temperature, so it doesn’t get too hot. Clients who are more sensitive to heat can deal with sugaring better than other hair removal types. With no worries about heat, a benefit of sugaring is you can use a jar of sugar paste on clients with pronounced varicose veins, who are usually not suitable for other services.

Spa owners should also know that when it comes to sugar vs. waxing, sugaring is more gentle and well-tolerated for more people, even those with sensitive skin. Because of this, one of the main sugar benefits for the skin that your clients will instantly notice is less redness and irritation. Even clients with skin conditions like dry skin and psoriasis can benefit from sugaring. They will enjoy silky smooth skin afterward, and you can enjoy more returning clients.

More Inclusive for All Hair Types

Thanks to the benefits of sugaring, spas can treat a variety of different hair types, including people with coarser hair. Since the sugar paste adheres only to the hair and not living skin cells, the paste can grip coily and more stubborn hair better. This makes sugaring more inclusive of people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds that don’t always get the same results from waxing.

While it’s long been a rule of thumb that hair must be around the length of a grain of rice for waxing, one of the benefits of sugaring is that hair can be shorter. That means you don’t have to turn away as many clients if their hair length doesn’t meet the threshold. It can also encourage clients to come in more regularly since they don’t have to wait as long for their hair to grow.

More Sanitary

In a spa, cleanliness is everything, so a huge benefit of sugaring is how sanitary it is compared to other types of hair removal. That makes the service beneficial for everybody involved from hair removers to clients. First of all, sugar paste hair removal doesn’t involve strips, so you only have to dip into the sugar paste pot once. This reduces cross-contamination between clients. Consequently, you keep clients safer and can tout that as one of the main benefits of sugaring.

Just in case that’s not enough great news, the paste has such a high concentration of sugar, that bacteria can’t even grow in the jar. That’s one less thing for you to worry about. Clients love visiting a spa where their health and well-being are paramount.

Unlike wax, if you spill sugar paste, it’s extremely easy to clean. It just takes water and a cloth. No special tools are required. This applies whether it’s spilled on a table, clothing, or anything else. Plus, clients love how there’s no sticky residue left over.

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More Cost Effective

As a spa owner, you want to balance offering your clients only the best services while making a good profit. Both of those goals are achievable when you embrace the benefits of sugaring. Since the sugar paste doesn’t dry, you can work faster and more efficiently without using too much of it. As a result, you can save money by offering sugaring since it’s only a few ingredients to begin with, and you can get a lot of use out of it.

Sugaring is more niche than waxing and takes particular skill and practice, so you can charge more for the service. In some cases, it can be $10-$20+ more, compared to waxing. As the number of clients adds up, you can see a big boost in your profits. Additionally, sugar sessions can be quicker than waxing, meaning you can see more customers in a day. This truly makes the benefits of sugaring cost-effective.

Once you’re ready to add sugaring to your spa services, Beauty Image USA offers sugar paste in varying sizes to meet your needs. Please contact us if you have any questions about our sugaring products.

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