Wax Warmers

Deliver professional results for your clients with our top-quality wax machines. Ranging from wax heaters that can hold 1.1 gallons of wax to our roll-on wax warming applicator, we have the necessary tools to keep your business booming. We even offer bases with multiple slots for roll-on wax so you’re fully prepared for sessions. Take advantage of our durable and reliable options for your beauty business today.

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Top-Quality Waxing Supplies

Waxing in the professional space means your products and accessories must be of the best quality for daily, repeated use. Whether you’re using roll-on wax, soft wax, or hard wax, our wax heaters are manufactured with durable materials that are durable and reliable. They are easy to clean, transport, and reuse over and over for top results.

Beauty Image USA

As a top beauty product seller and producer since 1997, Beauty Image USA is proud to offer estheticians and spa owners access to our incredible product lines. From waxes to sugaring pastes, wax heaters and roll-on bases, we have affordable, durable, and professional products that are great for all skin types.

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing a professional wax machine, it is imperative to buy with durability in mind. Seek products made by companies with years of experience that will stand up to repeated use. Also, make sure the warmer heats wax quickly and stays at your desired temperature without issue and that it is easy to clean.

Roll-on waxes are applied using a hand-held applicator and can be easier and less messy than hot wax applications. It is best to use a roll-on wax warmer for these applications to keep the wax at the ideal temperature for quick, efficient hair removal.

To keep your machines in top-performing order, it is imperative to clean them regularly using a wax machine cleaner. Clean out the wax while it’s still warm. Then, use sanitizing wipes or rubbing alcohol to wipe the inner tin and outside surfaces of the warmer.