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Why Using Pre and Post Wax Products is a MUST

September 09, 2022

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Esthetician using a pre-depilatory productWaxing is one of the most sophisticated hair removal methods you can find nowadays. Both soft and hard body waxes bring skin benefits that no other solution can offer, keeping almost any part of the body smooth for weeks and gradually reducing the amount of body hair. While professional wax formulas are the key ingredient for these treatments, you can't guarantee any of the benefits mentioned above without the best pre and post depilatories to complete the process.

Pre and post wax care are fundamental parts of a wax service. Estheticians must adhere to various hygienic practices, instruct clients on the proper safety measures, and keep a close eye on the skin to prevent injuries and infections. They also must count on the best products to pamper the skin before and after a wax, and ideally, these products will enhance the performance of the wax when it's time to remove unwanted body hairs.
Esthetician using a post-depilatory product

The Importance of Pre and Post Wax Care

A person's skin can resist friction and temperature changes, but it's still vulnerable when facing these factors post-waxing. Waxing involves stripping the skin's outer layer, taking the hairs from the follicles, and leaving the pores open to countless elements.

On the one hand, pre and post wax treatments enhance the effects of the wax itself, helping the skin stay smooth and healthy-looking long after the treatment is done. On the other hand, pre- and post-wax care actively prevent any skin damage as the hairs are removed. With the right waxing technique, there's no risk to the skin, but the fact remains that waxing entails harsh pulling around delicate parts of the body.

If the skin isn't properly prepped beforehand, pulling out the hairs will take more work and cause more pain. Likewise, the additional protection provided during the post-wax treatment reduces the chances of injuries/infection on the open pores while helping the clients relax after reaching the limit of their pain threshold.

Pre-Wax Care and Products

Pre-wax care refers to all the steps involved in prepping the skin for a wax. At its core, a pre-wax treatment removes all the impurities that become attached to the skin throughout the day (sweat, dead skin cells, cosmetics, dust particles, etc). It also boosts the skin's natural flexibility, leaving it in perfect condition for waxing.

This is accomplished with the following products:
  • Pre-depilatory powder: This is essential to ensure a quick wax and save your client some discomfort. Pre-depilatory powder absorbs sweat residue and other tiny impurities that the skin might have collected. It also leaves the skin taut and fresh, making it easier for the wax to remove all the hairs on the area.

  • Antiseptic lotion: Another alternative to eliminate impurities and prep the skin. This lotion is enriched with antiseptic and antioxidant ingredients that keep bacteria at bay. It also helps relax the skin to reduce the pain of waxing.
    Natural-based moisturizers are also helpful to release the pressure on the skin. Beyond that, make sure to observe the skin during the pre-wax treatment; you may find open injuries, acne breakouts, or other marks that the client isn't aware of. If any of these injuries hasn't healed properly, waxing the area will cause more harm than good.

Post-Wax Care and Products

Esthetician using pre-depilatory productsPost-wax care consists of using multiple products and techniques to soothe the skin after a wax. It removes the leftover irritation, soothes the area, and provides additional nourishing properties to keep the skin smooth and healthy. Post-wax care also involves a series of recommendations that clients must follow in the days after a wax to prevent infection once the newly-waxed skin is exposed to external elements.

You need the following products to conduct a successful post-wax treatment:
  • Calming oil: High-grade calming oil is infused with vitamins and natural ingredients that moisturize the skin while dulling the pain. It is the best way to ensure a pleasant waxing experience, and you can use it on all parts of the body without risking any secondary effects.

  • Cool compresses: They are an important asset that your clients will welcome on their skin. When you press them softly but firmly on the area, cool compresses help reduce inflammation and alleviate the burning sensation that's left on the skin after ripping off the wax.

  • Cooling gel: It provides a similar soothing effect, with the added benefit of cotton extract and other nutritious ingredients. Cooling gels spread a pleasant sensation on the skin while actively helping the healing process.

  • Post-depilatory cream: Depending on their formula, post-wax creams bring a variety of advantages, from antioxidant properties to benefits for the pH of the skin. Aloe vera, lemon extract, shea butter, and oat are some of the ingredients usually found on post-depilatory creams and lotions.

Additional Recommendations

As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of steps that clients must follow before and after visiting your salon. If they ignore these recommendations, clients unknowingly impede the treatment's effectiveness, all while risking multiple skin problems post-wax.

These are the main recommendations that every esthetician must share with clients:
  • Wash and exfoliate the skin at least 24 hours before the session.
  • Keep the skin fresh and sweat-free in the hours leading to the treatment.
  • If the person has a low pain tolerance, they should take an aspirin/ibuprofen, or apply numbing cream on the area.
  • Clients should do this with enough time to spare for the products to take effect without hindering the wax treatment.
  • Continue applying soothing lotion on the area during the aftercare period. If the client suffers from a particular skin allergy, they should discuss the lotion's ingredients with the esthetician beforehand.
  • The skin is vulnerable to friction and infections caused by artificial ingredients. Wear loose clothes and don't apply cosmetics on the skin for at least 48 hours after a wax.
  • Intense physical activity (exercise, sex, etc) should also be avoided during this period.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure and large bodies of water for a few days after a wax.
  • Let the hairs grow at least 1/4 of an inch before the next wax treatment.
Don't stress over choosing the best pre- and post-wax products for your salon. You can now find everything you need in one place. Beauty Image USA produces and distributes the best products to ensure your clients' safety before and after a wax. Our pre and post depilatory formulas accelerate the skin's healing process and give your clients all the comfort they deserve. If you're interested, feel free to call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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