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What Kind of Wax Do Estheticians Use?

June 29, 2020

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Beauty Image Wax is the right wax for Estheticians Besides expecting a luxury service, people trust their bodies to professional estheticians because they provide top-of-the-line wax formulas capable of dealing with the thickest hairs and the most delicate skins. There's no better way to use years of preparation than by applying the finest hair removal products to revitalize the skin while removing unwanted hairs. The best salons and spas are always stocked with each of these formulas so clients can choose the most convenient plans depending on the area they want to wax. Learn all about the different wax products that should always be a part of your business.

Waxing brings long-lasting results and countless benefits for the skin, but this is only possible through the combination of natural properties and tested formulas in a complete wax treatment. Wax sessions follow a particular series of steps depending on the client's skin and the area they want to be waxed, but they must always provide an experience that's both safe and revitalizing. These are the products that help estheticians ensure a satisfying performance during each wax session:
    Best Wax for Estheticians
  • Hard Wax: With a low melting point and minimal pulling, hard waxes are the ideal choice to treat sensitive areas. They are applied at a lukewarm temperature to soothe the most delicate parts of the skin, sticking only to the hair to be easily removed without the aid of a muslin strip. Our signature Finewax maximizes workability through a flexible texture that allows application in very thin layers and leaves no residues behind. Argan oil, lotus flower extract, and cotton oil are just some of the ingredients offered in our wide variety of hard body waxes to suit the preferences of all clients.

  • Soft Wax: Soft waxes illustrate all the benefits of classic wax treatments. They can easily cover large areas and remove all the unwanted hair in a matter of seconds. Beauty Image's soft body waxes have a series of advantages that set them apart from other brands. For starters, the composition of these waxes is 100% paraffin-free, providing a dual benefit that removes the stickiness from its texture and makes it safe for all skin types. They are spread with a spatula and pulled off after pressing on them with a muslin strip. Available in several formats and combining different natural ingredients, soft waxes bring great results when removing extra thick hairs from the arms, the legs, the back, and other wide areas where unwanted hairs are usually hard to conceal.

  • Sugaring Paste: Many people are drawn to sugaring as a hair removal method because of its versatility and the natural composition of sugaring pastes. Like hard waxes, sugaring pastes adhere to the hairs and not the skin, leaving the area completely smooth with the simple combination of water and sugar. They are also highly effective when working on hairs that haven't reached the recommended 1/4 of an inch in length.

  • Roll-ons: Wax rollers are probably among the top 5 practical advantages that soft waxes are known for. Made with natural pine resins, roll-on waxes are as safe as their canned counterparts with the added benefit of a tidier and quicker process. If you want your line of soft waxes to be complete, you must be able to provide the roll-on version of all your wax formulas and the corresponding heater-applicator to save time while getting the wax cartridges to the correct temperature.

  • Paraffin and Fangos: Even when paraffin is absent from the best wax formulas, it still makes for an excellent addition to a wax treatment, generally used to stimulate blood circulation and encourage the absorption of the properties applied during the treatment. Enriched with cacao, activated charcoal, or caviar fangos provide similar advantages, along with a revitalizing effect that restores the skin's elasticity. A collection of paraffin and fango infused with natural oils and vitamins is the best way to soothe the skin and relax your client during a spa service.

Pre and Post Waxing Care

Pre and post waxing treatments can't be separated from a waxing session. They are essential to get the desired results during waxing: hairless skin that can stay smooth and unblemished for weeks afterward. A reliable spa or esthetic center must be stocked with quality products to provide real protection during pre and post-wax treatments.
    Best Waxes for Estheticians
  • Pre Depilatory Products: Pre depilatory care involves lotions to prepare the skin for the wax and exfoliants to cleanse the pores. A pre depilatory powder will remove sweat and residues while helping the wax adhere more evenly to the skin. An antiseptic lotion will prevent infections and use the refreshing properties of menthol to get the skin in optimal condition for waxing.

  • Post Depilatory Products: On one hand, post-wax products remove the pain left after pulling the skin and ripping the wax. On the other, they help keep the skin protected during the healing period when its outer layer grows back. Post depilatory oils and gels are essential to maintain the skin taut, accelerating the healing process with their calming properties. A post depilatory cream is also useful to enhance the softness of the skin after waxing and restore its optimal pH value. Beauty Image USA is here to help you get the products and supplies of a high-end esthetic center.
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