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What Is Vegan Wax?

July 07, 2021

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What is Vegan WaxAfter years of excellent results, natural-based beauty products have garnered the approval of hundreds of loyal customers. When it comes to hair removal products in particular vegan waxes are a welcome alternative for those wary of using beeswax or other formulas combining too many artificial ingredients. In an industry where we can't help but wonder how much of a product is animal-based, vegan waxes take the most beneficial properties of plants, vegetable oils, and other natural elements to remove many of the concerns that are usually so hard to ignore when evaluating traditional wax formulas.

Is Beeswax Vegan?

Even with the improvements achieved during the last few decades, animal by-products still tend to leave a bad impression on people searching for the best lotions, gels, make-up kits, etc. Because of this, you'll be hard-pressed to find a beauty product that doesn't have its vegan counterpart to help you make a comparison.

Since beeswax is a recurring ingredient in many cosmetic and beauty care products, with waxes being far from the exception, vegan alternatives have appeared that are just as effective in their results. Natural hair removal solutions have been a steady option that continues to be successful after many years of practice, with sugaring being known as one of the most ancient, simple, and popular solutions around.

While most professional waxes provided in salons have safe ingredients, beeswax is still one of the key components in many of them because of its hydrating and protective properties. The wax harvested by bees can usually be extracted directly from their honeycombs without damaging the bees themselves. Despite this, products containing bee-derived ingredients (beeswax, honey) are still viewed by many as a form of animal cruelty, with the products in question being deemed as non-vegan. In the end, it's up to each person to decide what they're comfortable using, and you, as the esthetician, must know about the organic alternatives available to help clients find the best option for them.

Benefits of Vegan Wax

The use of beeswax is not the only concern when we discuss waxes as a hair removal solution. The toxins and fragrances in traditional wax products might damage the skin and harm the environment's natural resources. It's not uncommon to see organic cosmetic products (and other goods like candles) that sidestep the environmental risks using hydrogenated oils and any of the following:
    The Best Vegan Wax
  • Pure cane sugar, sea salt, and lemon juice.
  • Carnauba wax.
  • Candelilla wax.
  • Soy wax.
  • Rice bran wax.
  • Sunflower wax and other floral waxes.
As a hair removal solution, a vegan wax product must offer the same advantages of traditional waxes in terms of comfort for the client. Many of the waxes above have a higher melting point when compared to regular wax products, and this makes them harder to manipulate to the right consistency if a person wants to try their hand at homemade waxing. The product's composition must simplify workability and reduce waste, especially if we're dealing with vegan waxes. With the right ingredients, however, vegan waxes possess many benefits that most clients will appreciate:
  • They work as antioxidants while repelling sweat and other liquid residues.
  • They have a deep revitalizing effect that increases the skin's flexibility and reduces the chances of premature aging, to the point of removing small wrinkles from the skin when applied on a regular schedule.
  • Their eco-friendly formulas protect the skin from different contaminants in the environment.
  • They ensure a gentle application, leaving the skin soft and luminous for hours after waxing.
Then, what are the ingredients needed to ensure such satisfying results?

The Best Vegan Waxes

Professional vegan waxes combine effective natural ingredients while maintaining a low melting point to guarantee your client's comfort. The right composition not only provides a pleasant texture with little effort but also makes vegan wax a viable solution for different skin types.

Tamanu oil is one of the key ingredients used to enhance the soothing properties of vegan wax. It's regenerative nutrients boost cell growth, soothing the skin instantaneously, and providing a layer of protection against infection and inflammation. Tamanu oil is the main ingredient of Beauty Image's Madagascar line. This exclusive line of eco-friendly wax products ensures effectiveness in all areas of the body and an elastic consistency that guarantees full hair removal with little waste.

The Madagascar line also includes one important ingredient that's often found in vegan waxes: palm oil. The properties of palm oil are responsible for providing a creamy texture that soothes the skin upon application, ensuring a gentle treatment that turns this line of vegan waxes into a safe option for sensitive skin types.

Buy Professional Vegan WaxEnriched with essential fatty acids, soybean oil shares many of the advantages tamanu oil is known for.Soybeans work as a powerful antioxidant that enhances the protective effect of the wax. It also stimulates the post-wax healing process, reduces the risks of allergies, and restores the soft texture of the skin. This is why the Soy Marvelous botanical formula is an ideal solution for those wishing to forgo beeswax in their wax session. Applied at a low-temperature point, Soy Marvelous adheres only to the hairs, providing excellent results at removing coarse and fine hairs alike.

The products mentioned above are 100% free of animal ingredients, colorants, and preservatives, so your clients can enjoy all the indulgences of waxing and you can remove all unwanted hairs using nothing more than fully natural components in your wax formula.

Do you want to learn more about of signature line of vegan waxes? If you want to introduce your clients to all the benefits of vegan wax products, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form to start stocking up your beauty salon or spa. With formulas that are free of animal elements and pose no harm to the earth's natural resources, Beauty Image replicates the healing effects of different medicinal methods to ensure the best natural solutions to soothe your clients' skins. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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