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What are the Benefits of Waxing?

April 24, 2020

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Few things compare to the relief that comes with a good waxing session. Waxing is a pleasant procedure with many long-term benefits, and is considered one of the most advantageous hair removal methods. Whether the client's hair problem calls for soft wax or hard body waxes, a specialized waxing treatment will deliver the expected results and keep the skin smooth for weeks. While the advantages and limitations of waxing are hardly a secret, a good aesthetician must know how to explain the process to potential clients. For first-timers, it's reassuring to know with full certainty that the benefits of waxing outnumber a few moments of pain.

By definition, waxing is the elimination of body hair from the root, using a sticky glue-like substance that is applied on the skin and subsequently ripped along with the hair. Because waxing expands the natural hair growth cycle, it is considered a semi-permanent hair removal method that's convenient and sanitary in equal measure. The practical advantages of waxes are widely proven, but if we want to assuage the fears of people with sensitive skin and/or low pain tolerance, it's important to expand on certain benefits that turn waxing into an important skincare solution:
    Benefits of Body Waxing
  1. Smoother Texture and Healthier Skin: Waxing provides a gentle cleansing effect that removes dry and dead skin cells while the unwanted hairs are pulled. As a result, the skin immediately takes a velvety texture that's also helped by the nourishing properties of the wax products. While this is a useful bonus, waxing doesn't involve exfoliation per se, and this is why clients are still instructed to properly exfoliate the area in advance.

  2. Fewer Chances of Skin Damage: When the skin is waxed, the hairs are swiftly removed from the roots. While this might cause a few seconds of pain, it leaves no room for bruises, nicks or cuts. Clients don't have to worry about scars or marks because the wax poses no damage to the skin layers. Hard waxes and sugaring paste are specifically meant to pull at the hairs and not the skin. They involve a gentler procedure, even in instances where the wax must be reapplied, so they are the best way to treat sensitive areas.

  3. All Areas of the Body Can Be Waxed: While using a razor on certain surfaces can be a challenge, waxes involve a careful method that's safe for all body areas, no matter how narrow or sensitive. With the proper technique and the right products to treat each area, it only takes one pull to remove the hair. This way, there's no need to prolong the strain on the skin and the chances of damage are minimized.

  4. Protection Against Infection and Inflammation: Since the roots are firmly attached to the skin, it's inevitable for the skin to become more sensitive after waxing, which turns infection and inflammation into very reasonable concerns. A proper post-wax treatment protects the skin while the outer layer it's still raw, but it's important to rule out underlying skin conditions before trying a particular wax on a client. Beauty Image's line of wax products is enriched with soothing natural properties to remove all chances of irritation or allergies.

  5. What are the Benefits of Waxing
  6. A Hair Removal Method that Adapts to Each Person's Skin Type: There isn't one universal way to wax the skin. Each person comes with a different skin type. Some have persistent health conditions that alter the texture of the skin while others have sensitivity issues that turn common lotions and creams into a risk. Similarly, some people have coarse hair in several parts of the body while others want to remove unwanted hairs from intimate areas that are hard to treat. There is a wax product catering to these and other circumstances, created specifically to reduce discomfort and enhance the nourishing properties of waxing according to each skin condition.

  7. Reduced Risks of Ingrown Hairs: Ingrown hairs are a common side effect of shaving and other hair removal methods. When it comes to waxing, the aesthetician's expertise is imperative to avoid such a pesky inconvenience. The optimal wax temperature and a firm hand to both spread and pull the wax are conditions that the aesthetician perfects with years of experience, using the appropriate waxes to remove the hairs seamlessly and evenly.

  8. What are the Benefits of Waxing on the Skin
  9. The Skin is Hair-Free for Longer: After waxing, it takes around three weeks for the hair to grow back. When people start a regular waxing routine, the window of time between sessions can get progressively longer. This happens because waxes remove the hair from the roots, so the hair has to regrow from the follicle into the skin's surface. After each application, the follicle is weakened and the hair grows progressively finer and less dense.
While waxing involves a fairly straightforward method that some people might be tempted to try themselves, it's important to stress the importance of a professional wax treatment to ensure all the benefits described above. An improvised wax session might leave lackluster results and, more importantly, it can increase many risks that usually go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

Beauty Image USA specializes in complementing the most effective properties into top-quality hair removal formulas to enhance the benefits of waxing for all people, no matter their skin type. If you want personalized recommendations to make the best of our products in your aesthetic center, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.
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