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Waxing Tricks: How to Reduce Pain for Clients with Sensitive Skin

February 02, 2017

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Woman Smiling with Towel on Head There are three aspects that clients expect from a waxing session: a quick treatment, flawless results, and as less pain as possible. The fact is that when treating guests with sensitive skin at your spa, fulfilling all three expectations requires not only professional estheticians with great waxing skills, but also quality products and proper pre and post waxing care. Here, we give you an easy guide of important key aspects to consider when treating a client with sensitive skin at your spa or beauty business.
  1. Before the wax

    • Prepare the skin with special care products: The current beauty market is filled with different kinds of products to prepare the skin for painful procedures such as waxing or tattooing. Non-organic products can be harmful to clients with sensitive skin though, so look for those which are made with natural ingredients. Depilsense Ayurveda pre-depilatory balms work great for clients with sensitive skin; these are composed by bacocalmine, an herb used to reduce hypersensitivity in Ayurvedic medicine.
      Educate your client: We can't stress this enough a proper pre waxing routine will reduce pain, prevent uncomfortable side effects and, in general, help you obtain better results. When clients call to schedule an appointment, carefully explain to them the necessary precautions they'll have to take before the treatment. Do not risk waxing on irritated skin or try to remove hairs when they are not long enough. Kindly explain to the client why he or she cannot be waxed at the moment and reschedule the session for another time.
      Create a relaxing environment: Believe it or not, a nice and calm ambiance is as important as the waxing procedure itself. A clean, well-decorated, relaxing room will ease clients' senses and make them less susceptible to pain. You can try to enhance the experience with smooth music or aromatherapy. Hygiene is also essential, every tool or accessory you'll use must be clean, and clients will notice if they are not.

  2. During the wax

    • Use waxes specially made for sensitive skin: soft body waxes tend to cause more irritation to the skin, so you might want to avoid them when treating clients who suffer from hypersensitivity. Hard waxes, on the contrary, are a safer option because they do not remove the outer layers of the skin when pulling hairs out. If you still plan on using soft waxes, use those that melt at low temperatures, as they are gentler on the skin.
      Be efficient: Clients always look for professionals who can perform a quality service in the shortest amount of time. Use products you've already practiced with and that you know will work efficiently. Nonetheless, do not sacrifice quality for speed it does not matter if it takes you a little longer than usual to wax certain areas, so long as you don't jeopardize the results.

    Soap and Candles for a Nice Waxing Experience
  3. After the wax

    • Pamper the skin: Post waxing care not only includes the removal of wax residue. You also have to apply products that will comfort and refresh your customer's skin, like lotions or creams with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, or moisturizing properties.
      Apply ice or a cold compress: This will help with redness and will reduce the probability of inflammation after the procedure. It's a quick and easy trick for clients whose skin tends to get irritated easily.
      Inform your clients about the dos and don'ts: Neither sunbathing, swimming, or exercise nor tight clothes, makeup, or deodorants are allowed right after a waxing session. You can make a post waxing home care guide that your clients can take home; that way, they'll remember what they can and can't do.
Even though waxing cannot be totally pain-free, following these essential principles will considerably help reduce pain, especially for those clients who struggle with sensitive skin. Study this guide and keep it in mind when choosing new products, welcoming new clients, or coming up with ideas to improve your services.

If you're a licensed esthetician and you're looking for quality products to offer at your spa or beauty business, Beauty Image offers you a wide array of special waxes for sensitive skin, as well as other pre and post depilatory products and waxing accessories that are perfect for your business. Call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form for more information about us, and we will gladly assist you and answer all your questions! Also, don't forget to find us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA, follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.
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