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The Ultimate Guide to Hard Body Waxes

July 27, 2018

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Legs After Use Hard Body WaxesWaxing is among the most convenient and effective hair removal methods since it does not imply many complications and bears excellent results. Whoever sticks with waxing as their hair removal method of choice should also decide between hard wax and soft wax for their waxing routine. While both types of wax have advantages and disadvantages, it is also true that hard wax is getting more and more popular for its particular benefits. Anyone who wants easy, affordable, effective, and hassle-free hair removal whether at a salon or at home should try hard body waxes. Once you read everything about hard body waxes, you will be ready to become a proud member of team hard wax!

What Exactly Is Hard Wax?

This type of depilatory wax is specially designed to be used without muslin strips. It adheres to hair, not to the skin, which makes it very effective at grabbing very short hairs and minimizes the pull on the skin and therefore, the overall discomfort throughout the waxing procedure. Like soft wax, hard wax also removes hairs from the root.

The main ingredient in most hard waxes is rosin —a natural resin that comes from pine trees and other plants. Some people are allergic to this substance, so some waxes are formulated with synthetic rosin. Premium hard waxes are also enriched with natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize skin such as chocolate, aloe vera, azulene, and fruit extracts. High-quality also means that your hard wax is going to have an optimal texture: creamy and soft, easy to apply and easy to pull off without it cracking.

Hard body waxes are usually softly fragranced, and they come in colorful and attractive pellets or beads, disks, bricks or pearls. They are put in a wax pot and heated to a soft point where they look like molasses: thick and malleable. Hard wax does not take long to achieve this consistency since it heats up at a low melting point, which means that when applied on the skin it has a comfortable lukewarm temperature that takes some sting off the waxing procedure.

Post-Depilatory Lotions After Hard Body WaxingIf you want to know how hard wax stands to its counterpart, soft wax, visit our related blog post: What Is the Difference Between Hard Wax and Soft Wax?.

How to Use Hard Body Waxes

The fact that very few accessories are required for hard wax depilation makes it one of the easiest waxes to use.

These are the application steps from estheticians that will achieve a flawless application of hard wax:
  • Skin must be prepped with pre-depilatory lotions and powder or oil if necessary, and completely dry; any moisture will cause the hard wax to crack, hair to be removed unevenly and skin to be pulled unnecessarily.
  • Heat wax to a malleable consistency that looks like molasses (soft but not drippy).
  • Try the wax temperature on the back of your wrist.
  • Take a moderate amount of wax on the spatula and swirl a bit to keep it spread evenly on the spatula.
  • Spread the wax on previously prepped skin in the direction of hair growth. Make sure you apply pressure as you spread the wax. TIP: spread an even, medium-thickness layer of wax; be careful not to make it too thin. Also, leave a thicker 'tab' of wax on one of the edges of the spread to help you lift and pull the wax.
  • Wait a few moments for the wax to harden, then lift the 'tab' you left on the wax and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • You can apply some pressure with the open palm of your hand on the area you've just wax to calm the nerve endings and diminish pain.
  • Once the whole area is rid of hair, a post-depilatory lotion can be applied. Done!

 Woman applying Hard Body Waxing on MustacheWaxing should always be done by a licensed esthetician, but in case DIY waxing has to be considered, hard wax is an optimal option to save time and effort while getting very good results.

Where to Use Hard Body Waxes

Expert estheticians can work hard wax on practically every part of the body. The by-the-book rule says that hard wax is best for small areas and coarse hair whereas soft wax is better for big areas like legs, arms, and back. However, with experience, knowledge, and high-quality products, hard wax can become the go-to option for all-over waxing, especially for first-time clients (learn more about this on our post: 3 Reasons Why Hard Body Waxes Are Better for First-time Clients).

These are the classic body areas for hard wax:
  • Brazilian and bikini areas: it works well on smaller sections and coarse hair.
  • Eyebrow and upper lip waxing (face waxing in general): high-quality hard waxes are applied with precision on very small areas and can shrink-wrap very small hairs and peach fuzz.
  • Nose: an applicator with a small amount of cooled-down hard wax (like a Q-tip) can be used to remove nose hair.

Which Hard Body Waxes to Use

  • Professional Hard Body Waxes: Licensed estheticians will always use only professional waxes. There is a wide variety of beads, pearls, bricks, and disks that have a low melting point and are infused with skin-soothing ingredients. Their most remarkable characteristic is malleability; they do not crack on the skin and they remain workable and supple for the esthetician's and the client's comfort.
  • Microwavable Hard Wax Kits: These kits feature can be conveniently heated up in the microwave. If you are on a tight budget and will only be waxing small areas, a microwavable kit is a good option. However, we will always recommend a professional waxing, or at least you should get a high-quality microwavable kit.
  • Wax Warmer + Hard Wax Kits: You can also invest in a kit that already includes a wax warmer if you plan on doing large areas. This way, you'll keep your hard body wax at the correct temperature all through the waxing procedure. Make sure your wax warmer has an adjustable heat setting and is easy to clean up.

Hard Body Wax Detox Micropearls

Beauty Image's Top Hard Body Waxes

We are known for quality and innovation. There is something for everyone among our wide variety of hard body waxes, from luxurious ingredients to extra-soft formulas for the most sensitive skins. Here is a selection of our top hard body waxes:

This is the most recent launching in our wide array of hard body waxes. Detox is infused with activated charcoal and caviar to detoxify and hydrate the skin for a perfect waxing and glowing skin. These luxurious micropearls have a low-melting point and high malleability, apart from a delightful scent.

This line is reminiscent of candy treats. The three varieties (Lollipop, Blue Jelly, and Marshmallow) are colorful, attractive, and perfumed with sweet scents. All Sweet Dreams hard waxes have superior adherence and flexibility. They are suitable for sensitive skin for their creamy texture and low melting point.

DARK CHOCOLATE MAXI PEARLSHard Body Wax dark Chocolate Maxipearls
Want all the antioxidant properties of dark chocolate? Then this is the hard wax for you. Dark Chocolate Maxi Pearls improve the appearance of the skin and nourish it deeply while providing a flawless waxing. These pearls also contain vitamins A and E, cocoa, and sweet almond oil.

This hard wax has a super-low melting point thanks to its rich content in beeswax. Estheticians will get superior malleability for easy handling.

The properties of classic Finewax —such as a low melting point and a non-strip formula— are combined with argan oil, vitamins, and an exquisite nacré pigment in this luxurious Glamour line hard wax.

DEPILSENSE AYURVEDA BEADSHard Body wax Champagne Fraises Beads
Providing a highly effective hair removal treatment, Depilsense Ayurveda Bead's revolutionary composition combines properties that make it stand out from other hard body waxes on the market. It minimizes the effect of the pull on the skin while leaving it refreshed, hydrated, and perfumed with a soft magnolia scent.

Champagne fraises beads is a luxurious treat to the skin. Champagne and strawberries have cleansing and hydrating properties that leave the skin conditioned after waxing. The creamy formula is free of parabens and ideal for sensitive skin and sensitive areas.

We bet you want to give hard body waxes a chance after getting all this knowledge about their properties. Book an appointment for a waxing procedure with high-quality hard body waxes like Beauty Image's, you won't regret it! Licensed estheticians can learn more about our wide variety of hard waxes by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or filling out the contact form on this website. Wax pros can also get our latest news by subscribing to our newsletter!

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