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The Top 3 of the Best Natural Alternatives for Waxing

May 21, 2020

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Natural Alternatives for WaxingIt's hard to find a hair removal solution that's both non-aggressive and satisfying in its results. Natural alternatives are in high demand, especially as a way to sidestep the irritation and coarseness that's so hard to avoid with shaving. Sugaring is one of the most popular options around, but how effective is it? We tell you all you need to know about this and other natural waxing alternatives, the advantages that make each option stand out and what to expect from each procedure.

If you're familiar with wax treatments, then you know that it's possible to remove body hair for long periods of time without damaging the skin in the process. There are many alternatives (like laser hair removal, electrolysis, bleaching, etc) that provide similar results and even offer the option of permanent hair removal. The drawbacks of these methods are often linked to the use of components that can put certain skins at risk of injuries and infection. When you add the high costs of permanent hair removal procedures into the mix, potential clients that already worry about potential skin damage are quickly discouraged.

Natural Alternatives for Waxing MadagascarWith waxing, the right formula can benefit the skin in different ways while still providing a viable hair removal solution, and this is why natural products are so valued by clients and estheticians alike. We present three of the best options available for you:
  1. Madagascar Line: Making the best of all the protective properties of tamanu oil, this exclusive line of hair removal products will preserve the silky texture of the skin while removing unwanted hairs from all parts of the body. This unique line is created with an all-around eco-friendly approach that extends to every aspect of its composition, from its recyclable packaging to the natural properties in its hair removal formula. The Vegan Maxipearls optimizes workability with a quick melting and quick drying formula , along with a malleable composition that helps the product last many more applications than most waxes in the market. The line's vegan soft waxes strengthen the skin with the properties of palm resin and vegetable oil, ensuring optimal pulling power without losing its soothing effect on the pores. The Madagascar line is completely free of animal ingredients, preservatives, colorants and paraffin.

  2. Natural Alternatives for Waxing Soy Marvelous
  3. Soy Marvelous: This is a natural non-beeswax formula that removes unwanted hairs with minimal irritation, thanks to a low melting point that all skin types will appreciate. Soy Marvelous combines the rejuvenating properties of soy-bean oil with Essential Fatty Accids (EFA) to provide a botanical hair removal solution that simultaneously protects the skin from infection, inflammation and premature aging. It works through a non-wax strip formula, with a creamy texture that's pleasant to the touch and adheres only to the hairs. If your client wants a natural alternative to safely remove both fine and coarse hairs without trouble, Soy Marvelous is ideal for you.

  4. Sugaring: One of the oldest hair removal methods, sugaring is seen by many as the ultimate natural hair removal technique. In sugaring, a formula based of sugar, water, and lemon juice is used in a paste that adheres to the hairs. The gooey consistency of the sugaring paste sticks only to the hairs, not the skin, reducing the pain during the treatment and the chances of irritation afterwards. Sugaring and waxing share many things in common, starting with the overall duration of the treatment, with 20 to 25 minutes needed to get the right consistency, and 10 to 40 minutes on the treatment itself depending on the area you're working on.
Natural Alternatives for Waxing Sugaring Wax

Sugaring: What to Expect from Your Session

If you're looking for an alternative to waxing without disrupting your routine, chances are you don't need to go too far. Beauty salons and spas are a common sight for those who have previous experience with waxing. The likeliness of these places offering professional sugaring services is very high. After all, sugaring demands the same skills and technique from estheticians and the procedure itself is familiar for clients used to wax treatments. Here's some additional information that's important to know:
  • The process: The sugaring paste is spread on the treated skin until it reaches a thickness of 1/4 of an inch on the surface. The paste must be spread against the direction of hair growth and then flicked in the opposite way to remove it from the skin.

  • Practical Benefits: The sugaring paste can be easily wiped off without oils or additional products, so it's less likely to leave a mess after the procedure. It's also biodegradable and impervious to bacteria so one procedure, no matter how long, can be done using the same ball of paste.

  • Natural Alternatives for Waxing Sugaring
  • Benefits for Clients: Sugaring is known for being gentle on all types of skin and effective on hairs of all colors, no matter how thick. The lack of heat considerably reduces the discomfort levels for many clients. All these advantages make sugaring a safe solution for skins with sensitivity issues. Like waxing, a sugaring treatment is affordable for most clients, with the overall price being determined by the area(s) treated during a session.
Since the main ingredients of a sugaring paste are cheap and easy to find, many people use homemade pastes to get rid of their body hairs. A professional service, however, will guarantee the right consistency during the first try and use only professional sugaring paste to get the best results.

On top of creating top-of-the-line wax products, Beauty Image USA specializes in all forms of hair removal, constantly working on perfecting the current methods with solutions that are safe, affordable, and effective. To get more recommendations about natural hair removal solutions, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.
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