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The Do's and Don'ts Between Bikini Waxing Appointments

June 25, 2019

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Woman Needing a Bikini WaxingGetting your first ever Brazilian or bikini waxing implies some aftercare and follow-up. Just letting things be might lead to less than desirable results, while taking some care steps makes the next session a lot better.

Believe us, the right care and the right skincare and hair removal products can make a world of difference and keep your results flawless until the next time you step in the wax bar. If you still don't know about the do's and don'ts between your bikini sessions, read on.

Bikini Waxing

I Just Got My Bikini Wax. Now What?

We are glad you made the choice to switch to bikini waxing and we know you won't regret it. That is if you take good care of your newly waxed skin. you'll see, waxing is very safe and very few occurrences of skin problems related to it have been registered. But just because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we are here to let you know what could go wrong.

Now, Find out What to Watch Out for

Waxing, in general, entails some possibly bad consequences because it causes mild trauma to the skin with the pulling and tugging; remember that your hairs are pulled up from the root every time you wax. The hair bulb also receives progressive damage if the person keeps on waxing regularly; this is why hair grows sparser and finer.

Woman In a Pool After a Bikini Waxing

Really Watch Out for Infection and Irritation

Infection: it can be originated because waxing opens the pores open up, increasing the risk of contaminating agents penetrating the skin. If it does happen, it is manifested with fever, soreness, tenderness, high temperature or swelling of the area. Some skin infections like folliculitis (where the hair follicle gets infected) are more serious than ordinary pimples, which nevertheless, have to be taken care of promptly, especially when it comes to bikini waxing.

Bikinis and Brazilians call for strict hygiene measures because they are done in a delicate area. For this reason, we recommend that you show up to your bikini appointment as clean as possible, and choose your wax room wisely, making sure they work under pristine conditions and with skilled professionals. When serious infection appears, it's usually because there are underlying risk factors such as a previous skin infection or another condition, and of course, unhygienic conditions may also be to blame.

Irritation: redness and maybe even itching are both completely normal after waxing since the ripping causes a transitory irritation that should subside soon, but they should not last more than a few hours (a day or two, tops). Serious irritation can be a result of an allergic reaction, on top of the normal skin reaction.

There are several risk factors for worsened irritation, like extremely sensitive skin or propensity to allergies, strong fragrances or coloring on the waxing products, and recent skin sensitivity like sunburns. For these reasons, you shouldn't book an appointment if you have had recent allergies, have been exposed to the sun lately, have serious circulatory issues, or have increased sensitivity from any other skin condition. And most importantly, stop in your tracks if you are on acne medication, retinoids or AHAs, which act as skin exfoliants.

Do's and Don'ts Between Bikini Waxes

This is the definitive list of thing you can and cannot do if you've already had a bikini waxing appointment and are waiting for the next one.
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  • Exfoliate a couple of days after the appointment, and then do it at least once a week until the next one.
  • Wear natural fabric underwear for the skin to breathe better.
  • Use an intimate wash or neutral soap to clean the area.
  • Use lotion for ingrown hairs if you notice any. You can also gently exfoliate over the ingrown, then disinfect the area, and once the hair has come to the surface, tweeze it out with disinfected tweezers.
  • Use an over-the-counter antibacterial ointment for small pimples even if they show no content. This can minimize any risk of infection.
  • Decide to keep up your bikini waxing routine. Consistency is key to getting the best results.
Woman Shaving Instead of Waxing


  • Exfoliate every day. This can be too harsh on the delicate skin of the intimate area.
  • Wear underwear that is too tight, especially right after the appointment.
  • Use regular soap or body washes. They don't have a suitable pH for the skin of the intimate area.
  • Pick on ingrowns with bare hands, or you might infect them. The same thing goes with picking roughly at them with tweezers.
  • EVER shave in between appointments! This will only throw you out of schedule and leave you with coarser, darker hair and a prickly sensation all over again. Shaving in itself does not cause hair to grow thicker, but it does cut hair at an angle at the surface of the skin, and that causes the hair to look darker and feel sharper.

Taking care of your skin between waxes is definitely going to pay off. We hope our tips help you out and significantly improve the results after your intimate treatment. Beauty Image has the best waxing products and waxing accessories for effective hair removal and flawless skin. If you want to learn more about us and our products, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest info about us right in your inbox.

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