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The Best Wax for Every Body Part

May 03, 2019

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The Best Type of Wax Woman with Wax jar on HandsWhen it comes to waxes, there are different types, formulas, and ingredients to cover all body parts, skin types, and tastes. Professionals recommend using specific waxes and other hair removal products according to the body part to ensure better results and performance. The recommended waxes for large body parts like legs, arms, and back, and smaller parts like the face are not the same. Let us teach you which are the best waxes in different cases.

Large Body Parts: Soft Wax

The rule of thumb says that soft waxes are best for large body parts. Soft wax is wonderful for legs, arms, and back. Hands and feet can also be waxed with soft wax.

No matter which of these body parts you want to wax, it is important to prep the skin before the waxing procedure. Once you are applying the wax, keep a few tips in mind:

For leg and arm application, cover a large area in a thin coating of soft wax, apply the muslin strip with pressure and then rip it off against the direction of hair growth.

For back application, apply the wax in medium-sized squares, apply the strip with pressure, hold the skin taut and rip off. Remember that you might need to trim back hair if it's too long and apply powder if it's sweaty to guarantee that the wax will adhere properly.

Hands and feet most likely won't take much wax. Apply on the knuckles and above the toes in a thin coat just once, and go over stray hairs with a piece of the used muslin strip.

These are the pros of using soft wax:
  • Soft wax can be easily extended over a large area.

  • Muslin or cellulose strips can be reused to go over stray hairs that were not removed successfully in the first attempt.

  • Soft wax attaches very well to hair, so it offers efficient hair removal.

  • Soft wax is very malleable and can be spread evenly on hard-to-reach spots.

  • There is a wide variety of soft wax cans with soothing, moisturizing, and conditioning ingredients.

  • Soft wax also tends to be more economical than hard wax.
The Best Type of Wax Woman's Legs However, there are a few cons to soft wax, among which we can mention:
  • Soft wax cannot be reapplied on the same spot or it can burn and lift the skin. Very coarse and dense hair might need more than one application, so soft wax might not be the best choice in such cases.

  • The use of soft wax implies spending more material, namely muslin strips, and spatulas.

Small Body Parts That Need Precision: Hard Wax

If you want to wax with less discomfort in sensitive areas, hard wax is the way to go. Bikini line, underarms, face (eyebrows, nose, cheeks, and upper lip), and stomach.

The bikini line and underarms should be covered in a thin coat of hard wax, taking the direction of hair growth into consideration. Remember that both these areas usually get denser hair that grows in different directions, so work out the growth pattern and apply wax in sections respecting the direction.

Every time you apply hard wax, remember you should do a "lip", that's a rounded, thick section of wax at the end of the application to help you grab and rip off the wax. Without a "lip," the wax will get too dry and brittle, making it difficult to remove because it might crack as you rip it off.
The Best Type of Wax Woman in BikiniFace waxing calls for maximum care, so make sure that the wax is at the correct temperature to avoid burns. You can accelerate the drying process of hard wax by fanning on it with your hand for a couple of seconds. You can even wax off nose hair with hard wax. Take small wooden sticks and swirl a small amount of hard wax on the tip of the stick. Once it has the correct temperature (only lukewarm), you can place the stick in the nostril, then pull it off.

The hairy trail some people have on the stomach is easy to wax off. If you are getting a bikini wax, you can take advantage of the moment to get your stomach waxed as well!
The Best Type of Wax Woman Waxing ArmpitThese are the pros of hard wax:
  • Hard wax is very efficient on smaller or medium-sized areas.

  • Hard wax has high adherence to hair, not the skin. For this reason, it prevents skin pulling, and therefore, causes less pain and discomfort.

  • Hard waxes come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and ingredients. You can find beads, disks, pellets, and bricks with low-melting point and plenty of skin-beautifying ingredients.

  • You can reapply hard wax on the same spot twice and you won't lift the skin, so it is a great option for coarse and dense hair.

  • With hard wax, you don't need muslin strips, only spatulas.
Here are the cons to hard wax:
  • Hard wax is a bit pricier than soft wax. If you choose a cheap brand, the wax might have less malleability and get brittle more easily.

  • There aren't many negative aspects related to hard wax; all in all, it's a very efficient and practical type of wax.

Are There Any Other Options?

The Best Type of Wax Woman Waxing LipBesides soft wax and hard wax, you can use sugaring paste or pre-waxed strips to remove hair. Sugaring paste is made of only lemon and sugar, so it's allergen-free and suitable for face waxing and even underarm waxing, but mostly recommended on clients who have already been waxed before. Pre-waxed strips are useful on pretty much every body part, and they even come pre-cut in sizes and shapes that adapt to those places: larger ones for legs and arms, smaller ones for underarms and face. However, hair in the intimate area might be too coarse and dense to wax effectively with strips, so preferably use them if your follicles are used to it (aka you have waxed before).

Now you know the best waxes to choose according to each body part. At Beauty Image we have such a wide variety of waxes that you will find every choice to get flawless results every time. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to reach us; we'll be happy to help you make the smartest choice. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news about us.

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