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Is Hard Wax Hypoallergenic?

December 09, 2021

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Hypoallergenic Hard WaxWho doesn't love a professional wax service? To just sit and bask in the comfort of the treatment, knowing that the skin will look its best by the end. Hard Body Waxes remove unwanted body hairs from even the trickiest parts of the body without irritating the skin. In fact, the newly-waxed skin is usually glowing and perfectly soft to the touch, and most of the irritation is completely gone before the day is done. There's everything to gain and almost nothing to lose from using hard waxes, but what about allergic reactions? It's a logical question since, no matter how you see it, waxes do leave the pores open to dust, sweat, and bacteria. Well, there are many ways to rule out this risk from the start, and one of them depends on the wax formula itself.

How to Prevent Infections After Waxing?

Wax treatments involve repeated physical contact between clients and estheticians, so all participants are vulnerable to infections if there are no public health measures in place. Lack of infection control in a salon or a spa can lead to health issues ranging from bacterial infection to potentially life-threatening conditions like hepatitis B, HIV, or sepsis.

Hypoallergenic Hard Wax in Wax WarmerHow can this happen? Well, by the end of a waxing session, the follicles on the waxed area are stripped of any barrier that could ward off bacteria and other outside elements. Correct waxing practices involve a series of steps during and after a wax; if you skip any of them, you'll be leaving your client's skin fully exposed to countless contaminants.

Preventive measures encapsulate a number of factors, from the maintenance of your workstation to the products you use during a session. Most professional waxes are hypoallergenic, removing some of the risks that are common in home-made waxing, but there are ways to protect your clients before you even start waxing. Let's look from all the angles at all you need to do to avoid harmful side effects post-wax:
  • From spatulas to tweezers, all waxing tools must be sterilized and kept in an easy-to-reach compartment before a new treatment. Disinfect whatever can be reused afterwards.

  • Keep a designated area for each of your tools and appliances. Don't pile it all together.

  • You should constantly clean your workstation. Waxing chairs, carts, counters, and tables must all go through this process in between wax sessions. Don't stop at using cleaners, you need to use anti-viral and anti-bacterial products if you want to avoid infections and other health risks.

  • Change the linens on the bed/chair after you're done with a treatment.

  • Wear fresh disposable gloves for the duration of each session and wash your hands thoroughly when you're done.

  • Clients need to open up about their allergies, which is why first-timers must fill a medical questionnaire beforehand.

  • Some allergies allow wax treatments after checking with a dermatologist, but there are a number of scenarios where waxing is simply not a safe option. Don't wax if the skin is sunburned or if it's still healing from an injury. Conditions like herpes are also off limits, as well as clients following an ongoing medical treatment or taking medications.

The Importance of Hypoallergenic Waxes

If you work in the hair removal industry, you know that professional hard waxes are expected to have antioxidant properties to help protect the skin. Likewise, hypoallergenic hard waxes combine natural and mineral ingredients to allow a safe process in instance when allergies are a viable concern. Suitable for all skin types and parts of the body, all of Beauty Image's hard waxes are enriched with protective natural ingredients that help the skin in many ways, like by encouraging cell growth or preserving the skin's natural elasticity. All these benefits make the skin stronger to fight UV rays, impurities, and harmful microorganisms.

Remember: body waxes are not disinfectants, and the average heating temperature is not enough to kill germs and bacteria. The wax needs to be complemented with other soothing formulas and the hygiene measures described above, or all you'll do is deprive the skin of one of its natural defenses.

Hypoallergenic Hard Wax CanHaving the skin properly exfoliated in advance does a lot to reduce the risk of infection. Additionally, antibacterial creams and nourishing formulas are all standard parts of the post-wax treatment. A wax treatment is marked by the reliability of your products, your professional knowledge, and the hygienic conditions of your working space.

What Are the Signs of Infection?

You have to know the signs in case you need to stop a wax session. Mistakes happen, allergy breakouts can be unpredictable, and it often takes little for an infection to spread on the skin. Even when hard waxes don't adhere to the skin, they still leave the pores wide open, and this alone entails a change in the epidermis that can't be left unattended for long. Mild swelling and small blood spots are normal occurrences in some wax treatments, but if they reach excessive levels, you could be dealing with an infection. The skin could also be infected if it's too red or itchy (and scratching it will only make the problem worse). Use cool compresses and antibacterial formulas; stop altogether and get medical help if the problem persists or intensifies.

Hard body waxes represent one of the greatest improvements in the hair removal industry, and Beauty Image USA helps you explore all their advantages with the best products and formulas. We have everything you need to expand your salon or spa, starting with unique hard waxes that will make your services stand out right away. Don't hesitate to come to us if you have questions or doubts, just call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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