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Is a Brazilian Wax Better Than a Shave?

April 25, 2023

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Wax vs ShaveHair removal can be tricky; each person responds differently to a particular method depending on many factors: age, hormones, pain tolerance, etc. What works for you could leave a subpar result on someone else, so it's important to know what you're doing or you could unknowingly trigger a skin infection.

These are things to keep in mind when removing unwanted body hair, especially when the skin is thinner and more sensitive. It's also the reason why many people don't dare try certain hair removal methods on their privates. They still need to keep things in check from a hygiene standpoint, which is why most of these people at least trim the hair around the pubic bone every couple of days.

Now, those who want to get more thorough results usually go for one of two options. Both waxing and shaving can get you nice results in an area where the hair is particularly coarse and hard to tame. But which is the best option?

Shaving vs. Waxing

There are good things to say about each of these methods. There are also drawbacks and potential side effects, but each person has a different experience so everyone should try each option at least once. With that said, we don't recommend booking a Brazilian wax for your first waxing experience, and you shouldn't try to shave the pubic bone without having an idea of how your skin responds to the razor.

In general, waxing stands out for having long-lasting results, but shaving is a quicker, less expensive solution. There's a clear winner if the goal is to keep silky, smooth skin for a long time, but the best way to show it is by going after the pros and cons of each option.

Shaving What To Expect?

ShavingWhen shaving, a person runs a razor over the skin's outer layer to cut the visible portion of the hair. It's a quick method that doesn't hurt the skin if you don't push too hard, but the hair inside the follicle doesn't stop growing, so you usually can't go for more than two days without shaving.

The main advantage of shaving is that you can do it at any time and it won't take you more than a handful of minutes. It's also simple and accessible because anyone can do it as long as they have a razor, there are no other tools needed.

Shaving is a viable solution for your day-to-day routine, but it's still not healthy to subject the skin to the razor every couple of days. These risks are only exacerbated when we talk about the thighs and the pubic bone.

Shaving the Intimate Area

The intimate area usually covers the skin below the navel and all around the pubic bone. These areas are more sensitive to pain because the skin is more hydrated. While this could help ensure a safe process while shaving, it can also affect the skin's natural softness over time. Moreover, if the skin is naturally prone to dryness, shaving will only make it coarser and flaky.

Another thing to keep in mind: when you shave, the hairs grow back thicker than before. In most cases, the hair around a person's privates is already bushy, so a regular shaving routine will give you little time to truly enjoy hair-free skin.

To avoid any skin problems, we recommend using a straight-edge razor. Using shave cream can also help the razor glide more seamlessly, which is why many people shave while in the shower.

Brazilian Waxes What To Expect?

A Brazilian wax removes all the hair on your pubic bone. Salon clients can choose where to focus the treatment but a traditional Brazilian wax eliminates everything on the front and the back, all the way to the butt crack. It's common for some people to leave a "landing strip" at the front of the pubic bone, usually in the shape of a triangle. It all comes down to personal preference.

Since we're talking about one of the most delicate parts of the body, Brazilian waxes are better left to professionals. Salons and spas have the most sophisticated wax formulas to do a thorough job, and certified estheticians know how to keep your discomfort levels to a minimum.

Why Go for a Brazilian Wax?

WaxingBrazilian waxes bring many perks that you won't find anywhere else. For one, a professional wax service includes proper pre- and post-wax steps to protect the skin from injuries and bumps.

After the area has been prepped for waxing, the esthetician will apply the wax following the direction of hair growth and remove it in the opposite direction after a couple of seconds. Hard body waxes are recommended for intimate wax treatments, so there's no need to use a strip to remove all the hairs.

The esthetician will also keep an eye on the client's physical cues to make sure there's never too much pain to deal with. There's no denying that waxing is more painful than shaving, but a seasoned esthetician will always provide the best care to outweigh any discomfort. In most cases, a Brazilian wax treatment begins at the front of the pubic bone, with the esthetician making their way to the back.

The result leaves a velvety texture on the skin and no hairs in sight for weeks. You can go from 2 to 6 weeks without having to book another appointment.

Some Things To Keep in Mind

Waxing and shaving share many side effects when they're not done properly. You can get a persistent burning sensation or notice bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Aftercare is essential to avoid these issues while keeping infections at bay.

Constant friction makes the intimate area more prone to irritation, so estheticians always recommend forgoing tight clothes and physical activity for at least two days after a wax. You should also wait 48 hours before exfoliating the skin.

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