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How to Prepare for a Brazilian Waxing

June 03, 2019

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Woman Brazilian WaxingWe bet you have grown tired of shaving, regretted the price of laser appointments, and frowned at the results of hair removal creams. In the quest for the most convenient way to groom the intimate area, there always comes a moment when we decide to give waxing a try just to see if we're going to get that elusively satisfying result we want. And that is the deciding moment for many people who become regulars because they just feel they found what they have been looking for all along: an affordable method that makes skin smooth for longer.

Of course, when it comes to intimate waxing, you have some choices to make: hard body waxes vs. soft waxes; the modest bikini or go for the full-on Brazilian. In case you decide on the latter, we want to give you the lowdown on how to prep for your very first Brazilian appointment.

But First, What Is a Brazilian Waxing Exactly?

Brazilian waxes are the type of intimate waxing where all hair at the front, the back, and everything in between goes. The idea came from the J sisters, Brazilian women who started doing this type of waxing service back home in Brazil and brought the technique when they came to America. As time went by, Brazilians became more and more popular and accepted, until now it is a service that every wax bar offers.

Going completely hairless down there is something that many people want (men are now part of the trend too, as they get brozilians), so they are seeing the advantages of this service against the more classic hair removal methods they have tried before.

Why Brazilian Waxing Instead of Other Hair Removal Methods?

We all know that shaving gets you prickly very quick, that epilation is slow and rather painful, laser might not be so effective and can be very expensive, and hair removal creams can be very irritating. Why not give waxing a try? Get a Brazilian, you might just become a regular.

What Should I Expect in My First Brazilian Waxing?

Before you decide to get your first Brazilian, we strongly recommend that you give a simple bikini wax a try. Bikinis are less daunting since hair is only removed from the sides (anything that could peek out of a bikini), so the procedure takes less time and possibly less discomfort especially if you are a newbie.
Shave After a Brazilian WaxingOnce you have had your first bikini, you can follow up with your first Brazilian. This is what you can expect:
  • Be prepared to be exposed. You will even have to get into different positions to allow the esthetician to work comfortably. However, you can use the modesty towel whenever it doesn't interfere with the work being done. Or you can wear a skirt if it makes you feel better. If you're feeling too self-conscious, remember that you've got nothing that the estheticians haven't seen before, and they are trained to do this service in a proper and respectful way.
  • Keep in mind that there will be some discomfort. Waxing involves pulling hair at the root, so it's obviously painful. Most people can pull through, but you might be too sensitive, that's why we recommend getting a closer experience of waxing with a bikini if you're new to it.
  • Expect some irritation after the appointment. It's normal to get red skin and a bit of a burning sensation after waxing any body part; it is a reaction to the pulling of the hair follicles. It should fade progressively over the next few hours, so don't worry.
  • You will get smooth skin and no stubble for a good three to four weeks, depending on your individual hair growth. Plus, as you continue waxing regularly, your hair follicle will weaken and it'll get easier to remove hair, not to mention that it'll grow finer and sparser. Isn't that great?

Brazilian Waxing Prep Tips

Now, let's move into our expert tips that will prepare you to get the best results and the best possible experience out of your first Brazilian.

Do Your Research
Call several spas or even visit them, ask a few questions about their services and take a look at the place. We recommend that you ask a few questions about their practices, for instance, whether they conduct a prior survey to rule out any risks in particular clients or whether they have products for sensitive skin in case you suffer from any allergies.

Take Precautions
Spas should give you the prior survey we mentioned before or at least give you some warning pointers:
  • Avoid sun exposure and skin-exfoliating products before your appointment.
  • Do not intend to get waxed if you are on skin medication (such as acne medication) or AHAs. These chemicals cause the skin to exfoliate and that added up to waxing can end up in skin tearing.
  • Put off your appointment if you notice skin irritation, a rash, pimples, infection, or other warning signs.
  • Try to avoid waxes around your period since your body is more sensitive and it might be more painful. Besides, it can be more uncomfortable to work with both for the technician and yourself.
  • Oh, and contrary to popular belief, lots of alcohol or caffeine before the appointment (as a means to get you relaxed) will tighten your pores, making removal a bit more difficult and possibly painful. Some clients do take a painkiller a couple of hours before the appointment to relieve discomfort a bit.

Get Your Skin Ready
This is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for waxing, especially because it will make the esthetician's job easier and get you better results. Here is how you should do it:
  • Let hair grow to at least a quarter of an inch to help wax adhere better and facilitate removal. Needless to say, this means no shaving at all at least two weeks leading up to your appointment.
  • Exfoliate 24 hours before the appointment with a gentle scrub; this will release any ingrown hairs and remove dead skin cells to leave skin clear and ready for waxing. Try not to exfoliate immediately before the appointment because that can sensitize skin.
  • Take a shower before the appointment. This is considerate to the esthetician and necessary for your skin to be ready. Just make sure you don't use hot water or harsh soaps or gels.
  • Do not use lotions, oils, perfume or deodorant on the area you are going to wax. Or if you must, just know that they will get removed before the procedure when the professional cleans your skin.
  • Wear comfy clothes in natural fabrics to avoid chafing and irritation.
Brazilian WaxingChill
Worrying about the pain you might experience will probably make it worse. Just focus on breathing; take a deep breath before each pull and try to keep your muscles relaxed. It can also be a good idea to strike some small talk with the esthetician to take your mind away from the discomfort. The esthetician will be as gentle as possible to make your experience a positive one and make sure you become a regular. Once you overcome the first waxing, all others will be a lot easier!

I Already Had My Brazilian Waxing. Now What?

You can expect smooth skin for a while and some aftercare that will make your experience a complete success. Read everything about this on our previous blog post "Post-waxing Care for Bikini and Brazilian Waxing."Banner Shopping Cart Special Box with 52 Roll-OnsWe think it's time you made up your mind to change your intimate grooming routine and booked that Brazilian! But choose well: go only with expert technicians and quality waxes. For the latter, Beauty Image is here for you. We have a wide variety of waxes and waxing products for all tastes and needs. Professionals can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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