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How Do You Soothe Waxed Skin?

November 10, 2020

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Esthetician Soothing Waxed SkinNo matter how healthy, the skin will always feel more delicate right after wax service. Waxes don't leave lasting skin damage, but they need to be followed by gentle care to get the skin back in optimal condition. This means that a post-waxing care treatment must include a nourishing quality that's deep enough to heighten the skin's softness beyond the standard post-wax period. When treated properly, clients should feel the change once their skin stops being tense and the burning sensation subsides. The result is healthy skin that feels fresh and soft to the touch, with no marks or swelling to suggest the possibility of an injury.

What's the Skin Like After a Wax?

Professional waxing services are a great addition to your skincare efforts. Waxes remove the body hairs straight from the roots, so the skin not only looks smooth for longer, but it also remains soft to the touch, free of that prickly texture that takes over only a couple of days after shaving.

There are wax products for each body part, with temperatures and consistencies that adapt to the areas where the skin is naturally more tender. The best waxes are enriched with nurturing properties that add more shine and a silky texture to the skin, boosting cell growth and countering premature aging. This way, waxes become known for another trait that's unique among hair removal formulas: they help the skin retain its natural beauty for weeks after a session, and the effects of rejuvenating creams and oils become all the more noticeable.

After Care Waxing TreatmentAll these benefits, however, follow a couple of hours where the skin doesn't look its best. In the aftermath of a wax session, the skin has been taut for several minutes and is recovering after having all the hairs ripped from their follicles. Normal skin reactions include:
  • Small bumps from the repeating pulling on the area.
  • Irritation, usually followed by redness and mild rashes that should be treated right away. The redness might persist if the skin is exposed to the sun or other sources of heat.
  • Blood spots, particularly on the face and the bikini area where the skin is thinner.
If the bumps grow in size, the leftover pain doesn't fade, and the bleeding goes beyond superficial cuts, something isn't right. Waxes are not meant to affect the inner layers of skin (hard waxes in particular only grab the hairs to avoid hurting the skin), so whatever discomfort is left from a session should be superficial enough to heal in a matter of hours. Proper post-waxing care is what accelerates this healing process, while also boosting the skin's smoothness and flexibility.

Soothing Waxed Skin

The length of the healing period is directly associated with how closely the wax treatment adheres to the right practices. Pre-wax care, for instance, serves as a way to prepare the skin for both the wax and the aftercare treatment. Without it, the wax will have a harsher effect that might render many soothing formulas ineffective. Apply pre-wax gels and powders to help the wax adhere more seamlessly to the skin. In a well-rounded wax session, the pre- and post-wax treatments have a distinct effect that's immediately felt on the client's skin.

When it comes to aftercare, aloe vera will be your skin's best friend. With powerful cleansing and moisturizing properties, aloe vera can even dull stretch marks and scars, so it's no wonder that it works so effectively during your post-wax period. It is also one of the least aggressive detoxifying solutions you will find. To learn about all how aloe vera nourishes freshly waxed skin, check our blog "Discover 7 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera".

Complementing the methods above, professional wax services provide additional solutions to counter skin damage:
  • For bumps: Bumps are a normal occurrence, but they can grow into severe swelling with a careless aftercare method. Shea butter is a common ingredient in skincare products that can be used to soothe post-wax bumps. In other cases, these inflamed areas are ingrown hairs that start swelling the skin long after getting it waxed. You can apply creams to reduce inflammation and hydrocortisone cream and to stop ingrown hair from irritating the skin. Retinoids are also recommended to clear the dark patches that ingrown hairs leave on certain skin types.

  • Aloe Vera for After Care Waxing Treatment
  • For irritation and itchiness: Cool compresses are the first solution used by estheticians to soothe itchiness and irritation after a wax. They absorb the burning sensation left on the skin and provide a pleasant cooling effect. Essential oils are also useful to alleviate irritation but only after making sure you have no allergies that could be triggered by them. Cotton extract, lavender oil, and peppermint oil are both very soothing remedies against post-wax irritation. Even after most signs of rashes have faded away, it's safe to avoid tight clothing and wear soft fabrics for a few days.

  • For blood spots: Besides aloe vera, calendula oil, pumpkin extract, and apple cider vinegar have a powerful healing effect and don't clot the pores upon application. Alcohol-free antiseptics keep these patches of skin from getting swollen or infected.
Do you want to provide a gentle treatment to pamper the skin after a wax? The formulas created by Beauty Image USA nurture the skin and encourage quick healing using the best natural ingredients. We guarantee healthy skin and enough nourishment to keep the smoothness for weeks after a session. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form to have our exclusive formulas delivered to your doorstep. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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