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How Do You Prepare Your Skin for Hard Wax?

May 10, 2022

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1If you want to wax the most sensitive parts of the body, Hard body waxes are the way to do this without damaging the skin. On top of being an esthetician's first choice for facial and Brazilian waxes, hard wax formulas are also dear to many clients after reducing their pain to almost nothing. Hard body waxes get the spotlight in many salons and spas, so estheticians know to instruct their clients on what to do when preparing the skin for a session.

Prepping the Skin for Hard Wax

Professional waxes are gentler on the skin when compared to homemade wax treatments. Among them, hard waxes enhance all the advantages to ensure a satisfying process on areas where the skin is thinner. With that said, any treatment that involves direct skin contact will always require a certain level of preparation. Here are some important instructions clients should follow before a wax treatment:
  • Keep the skin fresh: It should come as no surprise that you can only wax the skin after you've washed the area properly, removing all those dirt specks that are invisible to the naked eye but clog the pores, nonetheless. Soap residue may be a problem, however, so avoid washing the skin right before heading to your wax appointment. Let a few hours pass after your shower and be careful about collecting sweat in the time before the session. Taking a bath can also help you relax, letting the skin become more pliant to the wax later on.

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  • Exfoliate the skin: Regular exfoliation is essential for healthy skin, whether or not you're due for a wax. If you've scheduled a wax appointment, make sure to exfoliate the area with a body scrub at least 12 hours in advance. This will remove the impurities on the skin (dead skin cells, cosmetics, etc) and make the area more malleable to remove the hairs without effort.

  • Take a pain reliever: This is strongly recommended if you have a low pain tolerance or if it's your first time waxing sensitive areas like the bikini line, etc. Because they're meant to provide a gentle treatment, hard body waxes reduce the pain exponentially, but nerves can still make the skin become tense, leaving it more vulnerable to the pulling that goes on while the wax is removed. You can take an aspirin or ibuprofen. Another option is applying numbing cream on the area but, once again, make sure to do it hours before the session so it has time to take effect.

  • Keep the skin relaxed: On the topic of tensing the skin, there are some conscious tricks you can try to keep the area as relaxed as possible. Before waxing, let your muscles go loose, and try not to hold your breath. Distracting yourself with a magazine or some music can also help you let go, so you're distracted from keeping such a close eye on your body's movements.

  • Be mindful of what you eat: You don't need a complex diet to sustain a comfortable wax regime, but it's still important to avoid certain foods and drinks right before a wax session. You want to reduce the acidity in your system, so try to stay off caffeine and alcoholic drinks. Smoking also does the skin no favors when it comes to preparing for a wax.
Your preparation will pay off more thoroughly when you choose the right date for your wax appointment. A couple of things to keep in mind:
  • Make sure the hairs are long enough to wax: If you book a wax session when the hairs around the area are too short, you risk wasting your time and money on an uneven wax. You may leave some errant hairs behind, and the treatment will be overall more uncomfortable. Trying to wax extra short hairs will also increase the chances of getting ingrowns before your next appointment. Many hard waxes are perfected to grab shorter hairs without issue, so you can always talk over your options with your esthetician. To be on the safe side, the general rule is to wait until the hairs are at least 1/4 of an inch long before setting up a date for a wax session.

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  • Check your menstrual cycle: Getting a wax during your period is far from ideal. The skin is more prone to pain, and that discomfort remains for days after you stop menstruating due to lower levels of estrogen. Some people remain extra sensitive for over a week after their period. The best approach is to wait a week after your period is over before booking a wax appointment.

What To Expect from Your Esthetician?

The esthetician should provide a thorough pre-wax treatment to complete the client's efforts in preparation for a wax. Part of this treatment entails applying soothing formulas to boost the skin's natural flexibility and get the pores ready to release the hairs. This should result in a clean wax where all hairs are pulled out at once without having to repeat the process on the same spot.

Pre-wax care also involves making sure that the skin isn't exposed to germs, bacteria, and infections they can cause. For all certified estheticians, this means using products enriched with antiseptic properties and wearing disposable gloves from beginning to end. More importantly, the esthetician is responsible for keeping a disinfected space, and applying waxing practices that adhere to the highest hygiene standards.

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