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Do You Need a Wax Warmer for Wax Beans?

January 24, 2022

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Hard Wax Beans Melted in a Wax HeaterWax beans are the most common format for wax products, and a permanent element in a salon or spa. The basic technique involves melting the beans and spreading the resulting mixture on the skin to remove all the hairs in the area. You may hear of people using a microwave to do this, but most estheticians agree that a Hard Wax Warmer is the surest way to get the perfect consistency to remove all the hairs in one shot. Today, we'll explain what exactly is a hard wax warmer and how it helps simplify a professional wax service, but first, let's start with the basics.

What Are Hard Wax Beans?

Hard wax beans are usually made by combining pine tree resin and a certain concentration of vitamins and natural properties. They represent a simple way to remove body hairs in areas that are usually difficult to deal with, either because the skin is sensitive or because of the precision required to avoid mistakes.

Wax beans have remained a favorite among salon-goers because they greatly minimize the pain of wax treatments. Their creamy composition adheres to the hair almost effortlessly after heating at a temperature that's not only bearable but pleasant to the touch. Also, they don't get stuck to the skin, so ripping off the wax causes much less pain overall.

Hard Wax Melted in a Wax HeaterWhen heated at the right temperature and during the specified amount of time, the wax beans will spread easily on the skin, and the esthetician will have little trouble making sure the wax layer is even on all sides. Moreover, the right wax consistency will not leave a sticky residue, so the skin fresh by the end of the treatment and there's less mess to deal with.

As you can see, the wax beans need to be melted to work on the skin, there's no way around it. Once you choose the waxes you will use for your services, you need to put as much consideration on the equipment that's meant to heat the wax. Do you need a wax warmer for wax beans? If so, what makes it different from using a regular warmer or your home's microwave?

Why Do You Need a Wax Warmer?

A wax warmer serves to makes waxing as a whole simpler and quicker. It's not impossible to melt the wax properly in a microwave but it may take a lot of trial and error. This means more time wasted and the loss of at least some of the wax. More importantly, a wax warmer helps you avoid hurting your client. When using regular heaters, you risk making the wax too hot, or you could end up making it harder to remove the wax from the skin painlessly.

Hard Wax Melted in a Wax WarmerWax warmers are not hard to operate, as they are made specifically to increase workability during hair removal services. All you need is enough space to set your equipment and an electric outlet. After turning on the heater, a light will stay on while the thermostat works on the wax. You'll be able to manually control the heat from highest to moderate (remember to stick to the instructions on the label), so that you can regulate the temperature after the wax has reached the right consistency.

Beauty Image's line of professional wax warmers is adapted to the specifications of all our products and formulas. Professional body waxes usually need to be warmed for 15-25 minutes to reach the right consistency, and we've developed our materials with this timeframe in mind. Each of our wax heaters guarantees your comfort while working, improving versatility when a treatment requires working with more than one wax formula at a time. Because of this, there are multiple versions available to match your own needs and save you time during your hectic work schedule.
  • Double Wax Warmer: Our Double Warmer comes in handy to keep things tidy while heating two wax pots at the same time. Portable and easy to use, it has the right dimensions to support standard waxing pots while working both with hard and soft waxes.

  • European Wax Heater: This is an ideal tool to warm hard waxes. Its mechanism allows perfect accuracy to heat the wax at a low melting point and regulate the heat as needed. Like our Double Warmer, the European Wax Heater can be easily carried around and has a metal exterior to protect it through multiple wax sessions.

  • System Wax: This is the ultimate solution to work with multiple waxes. With two roll-on slots and a central warmer for your wax pot, the System Wax includes all the mechanisms needed to adjust each individual wax formula simultaneously. You can easily warm hard wax beads, keep an eye on their consistency, and maneuver the spatula on the mix without trouble, even while heating other waxes at the same time.
For years, Beauty Image USA has introduced countless products to improve professional hair removal services. Our wax formulas guarantee the best results, along with the most durable accessories to help you be at ease while working. If you want to acquire any of our products, including our exclusive wax warmers, you can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact to get in touch with us. And be sure to subscribe to our a newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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