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Common Waxing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

June 02, 2021

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Sad Woman with Sticking Plaster After a Waxing MistakeWaxing can seem like a simple hair removal procedure at first, but there's more to it than just applying wax and removing the fuzz. Getting flawless results without damaging the skin requires expertise and skills skills that licensed estheticians only gain after quite some time of training and practice. If you work in the beauty business and you're looking to improve your waxing skills, here are some common waxing mistakes that you might be making and how you can avoid them:
  1. Not interviewing your client before the procedure
  2. Interviewing your client does not have to be restricted to the first appointment. It goes without saying that a pre waxing consultation is essential with first-time customers, since it's the only way to learn about their skin type or any medical condition that the esthetician should know about to make the right decisions for each customer, such as using or not using soft body waxes. However, follow-up consultations are just as important.

    No matter if it's just an upper lip wax or a bikini wax, ask your regular clients if anything has changed lately regarding their skin or body; this is also a great opportunity for you to find out whether the client has had some issues or side effects after the last treatment at your spa. Monitoring your customers will give you a better insight into your work and will provide you with good information to improve your services.
  3. Not cleaning the skin before the procedure
  4. Dirt, sweat, creams, or deodorants make it harder for the wax to adhere to the skin and grab the hair. Therefore, estheticians must warn their clients not to go to the pool, the gym, or do any kind of activity that might alter their skin prior to the waxing appointment, as this will prevent an uncomfortable and even painful experience. Just in case, beauty professionals should still apply pre waxing products and powders to get the skin ready for the treatment and remove anything that might complicate the procedure.

  5. Trimming the hair too short or leaving them too long
  6. When hairs are too long, they could break when you try to pull them off during a waxing session, forcing you to treat the same area again to remove the fuzz properly, which can be painful for the client. For this reason, you must trim the hair to a proper length, but be careful! Hairs should be at least 1/4-inch long. If not, hairs won't adhere to the wax and be pulled off.

  7. Waxing in the wrong direction
  8. How you apply the wax depends on the product you're using. Soft waxes should be applied in the same direction of hair growth and pulled off in the opposite direction. Hard waxes or sugaring paste, on the contrary, are removed in the direction of hair growth, not against it. Carefully study the instructions of each new product you use in your spa.

    Pre Waxing Products by Beauty Image
  9. Not having a nice work environment
  10. You wouldn't believe how working in a room with all the necessary tools you need and a relaxing ambiance can improve your waxing services. Invest in a good set of waxing accessories like a wax trolley that you can move around the room and keep right next to your work area; this will save you time and make work much more comfortable. Also, make sure that the spa bed or table is set at the right height so your back won't suffer or get tired over time.

  11. Not offering post waxing care products
  12. Estheticians should not miss the chance to offer care products after a waxing session; it is beneficial for both their business and their clients. Customers love to leave the spa with hairless, smooth skin, but they also want those results to be long-lasting. Don't wait until they call to complain about irritated skin, ingrown hairs, or pimples. Instead, offer them quality products after the treatment so they can prevent side effects at home.
Mastering the art of waxing as a hair removal method takes time and a lot of practice. Learning about these common mistakes will help you offer a better service in the future. Above all, always remember that, in beauty, practice and study lead to perfection!

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