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November 02, 2017

4 Books to Increase Your Esthetician Knowledge Girl Reading About Waxing Accessories

Besides practice, the best way to become a good esthetician is by reading. The hair removal industry is constantly growing and changing. Each day, new hair removal techniques come out, differe...


October 17, 2017

Beauty Tricks and DIY Recipes Using Pumpkin to Treat the Skin This Halloween Pre-waxing Care for Legs with Pumpkin

For most of the world, October marks the beginning of the fourth season of the year—fall. But as autumn leaves start to drift by our windows, jack-o'-lanterns begin appearing on our doorsteps,...


March 09, 2017

Waxing and Sports: Why Athletes Go Hairless Female Swimmer

Have you ever been watching the Olympics, a soccer match, or the Tour de France and questioned why sports competitors' skin looks as if it had no body hair? Even if hair removal is not a popul...


November 08, 2016

What Makes Beauty Image an Excellent Choice? Learn More about Us Beautician Waxing Woman's Leg

Beauty Image is a leading supplier of hair removal products that are currently marketed in 55 countries. We have been in the US since 1998, providing our soft body waxes, hard body...


September 02, 2016

5 Items Every Woman Should Always Carry in Her Purse A Girl Looking For Waxing Accessories Inside Her Purse

There's nothing more fun than picking up a new purse to go with you everywhere and, what's better, to match it with your latest outfit and be spotted by your friends at a party or social. Sure...


August 26, 2016

How Can You Get Shiny, Healthy Hair? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Hair is one of the most important human features. It can be the perfect frame for a face. A good haircut can make or break the way we look. Our hair color can make us look older or younger, wh...


July 18, 2016

Learn About the Benefits of Being Part of Our Digital Community

For any company, a good online presence is important if they want to be competitive in their field. There are many companies that make great efforts to achieve a recognizable name on the Inter...


July 15, 2016

Highlight Your Best Facial Features With These Makeup Tips

It is known that humans have been using makeup for at least 6,000 years, but archaeologists believe body art was one of the first forms of human ritual, starting in the Stone Age. People in...


July 08, 2016

Perfect Looks to Show Off Your Beautiful Legs Body Waxes1

To show off your legs, there are two essential aspects you need to consider: perfectly waxed legs and the proper outfit. One of the features that women love to flaunt are their legs, but doing...


June 13, 2016

Now You Just Need an Internet Connection to Go Shopping Wax roller

Throughout the last 20 years, we have seen how technology has grown and expanded at a high speed, causing dramatic changes in society and culture. Technological advances surround us in every a...