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October 05, 2017

How to Use the Power of Music to Make Your Waxing Room More Relaxing Soft Body Waxes on Girl's Armpit

Jamaican songwriter Bob Marley once sang that music can make you "feel no pain." The impact of music on humans has been analyzed by psychologists, studied by scientists, and put in practice by...


September 13, 2017

Guide for the Perfect Eyebrows: Waxing, Tweezing, Threading, or Shaving—Which One to Choose? Hard Body Waxes Vs. Threading

Eyebrows shape your whole face. Their duty goes way beyond keeping dust and sweat away from the eyes; they also have proven to be an important element that gives our faces expression, in fact,...


July 18, 2016

Learn About the Benefits of Being Part of Our Digital Community

For any company, a good online presence is important if they want to be competitive in their field. There are many companies that make great efforts to achieve a recognizable name on the Inter...


June 13, 2016

Now You Just Need an Internet Connection to Go Shopping Wax roller

Throughout the last 20 years, we have seen how technology has grown and expanded at a high speed, causing dramatic changes in society and culture. Technological advances surround us in every a...


May 20, 2016

Are You an Aesthetic Professional? Enjoy Your Exclusive Benefits at Beauty Image waxing sistem

Since 1998, Beauty Image has been a leading company in the beauty industry in 55 countries. Its main product lines include waxing systems, depilatories, and waxing accessories. All of these pr...