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Brazilian Sugaring for Summer

July 20, 2018

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Beauty Perfect Woman with a Brazilian SugaringIt's summer again! Time to ditch those thick sweaters for light, fresh and short outfits instead. That cute bathing suit you saw at the mall the other day and a sunny beach are waiting for you to start the summer fun —but wait! Have you been keeping up your hair removal routine, or have you fallen back into the comfort of covering it all with long sleeves and pants? Chances are you have to get back on track with your body hair grooming to be fully in shape for the summer, and that most obviously and importantly includes your bikini area. You might have heard about sugaring as a "newer" hair removal option, but do you really know what it consists of? And, did you know that it can be done on your nether regions -Brazilian style? Here is the insider information about Brazilian sugaring. But first things first:

What Is Sugaring About?

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal method from the Middle East. Sugaring paste is a concoction of sugar, lemon juice, and water, which is melted to a gooey and sticky consistency. A mid-sized ball of this paste is applied to the desired area at warm or room temperature and pressed against the hairs in the direction of growth, then ripped in the same direction in short and swift motions. Because there is no need for waxing strips, sugaring paste is most similar to hard wax, only stickier, and it is generally worked on smaller areas at a time. Sugaring paste attaches only to hair, not to the skin, which diminishes the pull factor.

Sugaring is more comfortable for some people because of the temperature factor, as well as the natural ingredients it involves. This technique needs experience, so look for a licensed esthetician at a good salon or spa and make sure they use only the highest-quality products, like Beauty Image's Professional Sugaring Paste. This professional sugaring paste keeps it natural since it contains the same ingredients as the classic recipe. If you have any hygiene concerns regarding the organic origin of the sugaring paste, you should know you're safe since sugar is a natural preservative, which means that it avoids bacterial reproduction.

Sugaring for Brazilian Waxing

Is Sugaring Good for Intimate Waxing —and Brazilians?

Sugaring is already highly recommended for underarm, legs, and even arm hair removal, but relatively few people know that it can be done on the intimate area, not only for a regular bikini line waxing but also for a full Brazilian waxing. However, a few preconditions will make your Brazilian sugaring experience easier and more beneficial for you:

- Being a regular waxer (regular or sugaring), not a first-timer.

- Having finer or sparser hair (for the above reason or for genetics).

- Having any allergy to regular waxes or any of their ingredients.

Brazilian sugaring can leave your intimate area silky smooth and free from bumps and irritation that can arise when using regular waxes. Sounds good, doesn't' it?

How Does a Brazilian Sugaring Session Usually Go?

Sugaring implies the same previous care steps as other waxing methods: starting with a clean, dry area after a pre-depilatory product. Some estheticians will hand you disposable undies and a warm, wet towel which will soothe the skin and open the pores before the procedure.

Esthetician Applying Pre Care for Brazilian Sugaring
The waxing technique is a different thing, however.

- First, your esthetician will work the sugar paste around between her fingers for a couple minutes, until it takes the perfect sticky consistency.

- Once it is ready, your esthetician will slowly apply the sugar paste with firm pressure against the skin and against the direction of hair growth, and then flick the paste in the same direction of hair growth, as opposed to the application and removal of soft or hard wax.

- The esthetician may spread the sugaring paste on a bigger or smaller area of skin depending on the client's individual characteristics, like hair denseness and coarseness.

- Then, brace yourself, because it's time for the pull! As mentioned before, the pull goes with the grain of the hair.

The spreading and pulling continues until the area is finally clean of hair. Each ball of sugaring paste is used repeatedly since it is sticky enough to keep hair and still be able to grab it and rip it off. If it becomes too loaded —and according to the type of paste— it can be changed more often.

- The finishing touch is a post-depilatory lotion, which will clean up and soothe the area. In some spas or salons, you will be offered a cool wet towel and then a dry one to remove moisture. Congratulations for sticking through the procedure!

Brazilian Sugaring Before and After Tips

If you have made up your mind to have this procedure done on your lady bits, then you should keep some things in mind.

BeforeShaving Instead of Brazilian Sugaring
  • If you want to get a first-hand idea of sugaring and you're a waxing first-timer, it is a good idea to book an appointment for a sugaring procedure on a different body part before you decide to get a Brazilian sugaring.
  • As recommended for any waxing procedure, grow your hair a bit. A quarter of an inch should be enough to ensure that hair can be gripped and removed efficiently.
  • Exfoliate one or two days prior to the procedure; this is especially important if it's your first waxing/sugaring.
  • Hold a realistic expectation that the procedure will generate some pain and discomfort. If you have a low pain threshold or you simply want to feel less pain throughout your sugaring, you can take two painkillers around half an hour before the procedure.
  • Be fresh and clean before your appointment and wear loose clothes to avoid irritation and chafing.
  • As you would with any other waxing procedure, avoid physical activities like exercise and intercourse for at least 24 hours. Remember that your skin is still vulnerable.
  • Stay in a cool environment.
  • Wear only loose clothes made of natural fibers and avoid synthetics.
  • Use Aloe Vera gel or an antiseptic cream to soothe redness and irritation. If any irritation persists for over 36 hours, consult a doctor.
  • Stay away from razor touchups while you wait for the next appointment! You'd be disrupting the growth cycle.
  • Keep in mind that you might have to come back a little sooner (around 4 weeks instead of 5 or 6) if you are a Brazilian waxing or Brazilian sugaring newbie.
Now you know that Brazilian sugaring is a good option for intimate hair removal. Take our expert tips and advice into consideration before you book your appointment! Estheticians, you can do flawless Brazilian sugaring and waxing with Beauty Image's professional hair removal products. Contact us to learn more about our wide variety of waxing products and accessories! Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815.Html or fill out the contact form on this website. You can also get our latest news right in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.

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