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Best Hair Removal Products for Men: How to Choose Between Sugaring or Waxing

May 31, 2017

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 Hair removal products waxing men's chest Along with the increasing demand of professional hair removal services that are specifically designed for men, estheticians are required to keep up with and invent innovative treatments that satisfy male clientele. Manscaping is becoming a routine procedure for every man who has grown tired of the constant use of a razor to maintain his face, chest, or entire body hair-free. The beauty industry understands that and is gradually increasing the variety of professional hair removal products made to treat men's skin and its particularities.

Razors were, for a long period of time, the tool of choice to remove men's mustaches, beards, chest hair, leg hair, arm hair… everything in short. This is definitely not the best option though. The more you shave—men shave around 16000 times throughout their lifetime—the more sensitive the skin becomes. Along with the hair, you're also removing the top layers of skin cells, leaving the skin unprotected. According to an article published on the Eucerin's website, about 40% of men have skin problems related to shaving that involve cuts, irritation, pimples, etc.

Why keep shaving, then? That's the conclusion most men are arriving at nowadays, choosing to switch to other, more long-lasting techniques that bring benefits to the skin, such as waxing or sugaring. In case you didn't know, beard, neck, and even the mustache can be waxed or sugared without a problem. With these two types of procedures, men don't only benefit from a treatment that will keep them hair-free for weeks, it also helps them improve the health and appearance of their skin. Here we break down the advantages of each one of these products.
  • Sugaring for men: an alternative for sensitive areas

    If you're licensed esthetician with experience in hair removal, you know and understand how sugar paste—made essentially of sugar, lemon, and water—works and its benefits. It's a much less painful alternative for the client; the paste doesn't attach to the skin when applied, preventing the removal of the top layers of skin while still eliminating some of the dead skin cells in the area (exfoliation). Recently, we made a short guide with instructions on how to apply this product properly, which you can check out here.

  •  Sugaring as a hair removal product Sugaring works great for sensitive areas like the face, for example, where the skin is really sensitive. Several estheticians refuse to use waxing or sugaring to treat this area to avoid pain. However, if you are confident about your waxing skills, you can perform the service without hesitation. In fact, experts recommend using sugaring paste or hard waxes to prevent beard hair from re-growing in different directions. Small areas like the armpits or the chest can be perfectly waxed with this product too. For extremely sensitive areas like a full male Brazilian waxing, sugaring is a good option to prevent extra pain.

    In conclusion, recommend your clients to choose a sugar treatment if their skin is too sensitive or if the area to treat is small. However, keep in mind that sugar paste might not be as effective as other options when hairs are too coarse; for these cases, use waxes.

  • Waxing for men: the key is in the product
    Men's skin is slightly different from women's. Its sebaceous glands are more active, causing oilier skin. They also have more collagen, making the skin thicker. These differences demand different products—one cannot use the same waxes made for women on men. Fortunately, nowadays estheticians can find in the market a wide variety of hard and soft waxes formulated specifically for men. Hard wax (non-strip wax) works like sugaring paste, soft wax (strip wax), on the other hand, is pulled off the skin with a muslin strip. The latter is more commonly used on larger areas like the chest and the back.

  • As we stated above, waxes work better than sugaring on men when the hair is too coarse to pull out with sugar paste. Men's hair is coarser and thicker than women's, therefore estheticians need to use products that have been proven effective on very thick hair. Professional estheticians use waxes with hydrating and regenerating properties to pamper the skin after depilation too. At Beauty Image, for example, we have a wax for men formulated to ensure total opening of the pores to maximize hair removal and obtain better results.

    Both hair removal methods are excellent for men. Choosing which one is the best option depends on the area, the skin type, and client's preferences. Don't forget that men also need pre- and post-depilation procedures for radiant skin.
Are you a licensed esthetician? Do you want to start offering waxing services for men at your spa or beauty business? Are you looking for quality waxes? At Beauty Image, we have the best products to choose from. We have high-quality waxes especially formulated to wax men's back, chest, armpits, and legs successfully. You can also find a wide array of waxing accessories to use during your treatments on our online store. The best: you can buy all of our products from the comfort of your home through our website—watch our video tutorials to learn how.

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