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Back Waxing Tips for Men

July 11, 2018

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 Back Waxing for MenRugged, masculine looks are important for many men and attractive to many women, and body hair is a sign of an alpha male to a certain extent. However, as with everything else, too much of it is not a good thing. Some men's fur seems to be out of control!

As a wax technician, you will come across many men wanting to have a smooth back, and most likely also chest, so you know that male waxing is nothing new anymore. You are trained to use the correct techniques and the highest-quality hard body waxes to achieve the perfectly waxed back, so your clients can say good riddance to their surplus fur.

As a client, if you have Chewbacca-like back fur that you want to rid yourself of, you can be sure that back waxing is one of the best choices. Shaving, as you may already know, will probably enslave you since hair will grow out quite fast —not to mention that the back is a hard-to-reach area. Getting your back waxed is not precisely a leisurely walk in the park, but it is not an excruciating experience either! You just have to relax and leave everything in the hands of the pros.

Let's dive right into these useful back waxing tips for men for estheticians and clients.
Back Waxing Tips for Estheticians
Set the Stage Before the Service

- As you may know, it is extremely important that you use high-quality soft and hard body waxes, as well as pre- and post-depilatories. Some manufacturers have men-specific waxing products which work wonderfully. Since the back is a large area, it is best to use long spatulas with a wide end, which will allow you to work your wax more easily and effectively. Remember the golden rule: use only disposable accessories and don't double-dip! Your clients' health is a priority.

- Once you have everything readily arranged to start your procedure, tuck a towel into your client's pants so as to protect the clothing from any wax stains. When it comes to men, they sometimes become apprehensive if they do not know the procedure. Be approachable and ask any questions related to health that might be connected to the service, for instance, whether they have been on acne medication or have sensitive skin.

- It is also really important that you discuss with them where the wax will start and end. Back waxing can include the shoulders, the base of the neck, and the area down to the elbow. Most likely your client will allow you to wax these areas since this will give him a more groomed look.

Prep the Area

- Clean up your client's back with a high-quality pre-waxing lotion. Apply it in the natural direction of hair growth, this will help you smooth out long hairs. This stage also gives you the opportunity to see the general hair growth pattern —which may change across the back— and assess the general state of the skin.

Some estheticians spread some baby powder on the back to absorb any moisture, especially if they are dealing with a very hairy client. Other specialists prefer to use some oil after the pre-depilatories lotion to smoothen the area. If you used too much oil, you can blot the area with some tissue.

Apply the Back Waxing Procedure

- The back is a large area, so you may be wondering where to start waxing. Some estheticians clear the center first, so they can have a cleaner area when they start waxing the sides. However, where to start really depends on the particular characteristics of each client. For instance, if your client has abundant hair and it has a defined growth pattern towards a particular side, it can be helpful to apply this strategy.

- Once you are ready to apply the wax, smoothen out the hair in the direction of growth, then start spreading the product (whether it's soft or hard wax) following the direction of hair growth. As it's always recommended, spread the wax in a thin film.

- When it comes to the extent of area you can cover in one wax swipe, it also depends on individual characteristics. Swiping your wax on large areas at a time is OK with less hairy clients, while you may want to swipe on smaller portions if the client is too hairy or has too long hair, as this ensures that there will be less tugging.

Now it's time for the hair ripping! If you are working with soft wax, press a fair-sized muslin strip down firmly on the wax, and rip it off against the direction of hair growth as you hold the skin taut to minimize pain. Another pain-minimizing move is to apply some pressure on the skin after the ripping off. This will soothe the nerve endings, which helps to diminish pain.

- As you keep on removing hair with soft wax, your muslin strip will get loaded on waxy and hairy residue, so dispose of it after two or three swipes; don't let it get too loaded with residue!

- A pro esthetician knows that this whole process requires patience and strength. As a pro tip, if you are dealing with a client that has random hair growth directions, you'll have to move around the table to find the best angle to work the hair ripping.

- If your client wants the area below the neck, the shoulders, and the area down to the elbow waxed as well, you might want to ask him to sit up, as this will allow you to work more quickly and more closely. These areas call for high precision; you might want to use hard body waxes on them.
 Post-depilatory for Back WaxingGive a Few Finishing Touches

- It's time for the final cleanup. Do it with a clean muslin strip in the case you're working with soft wax, or with a nearly clean hard wax strip if you're using hard body waxes.

- Afterwards, apply a soothing, antiseptic, and moisturizing post-depilatory lotion like Beauty Image's For Men Post-depilatory Oil. This lotion will also remove any residue wax. Another good post-depilatory option is a natural essential oil.

- A wonderful treatment that will soothe your client's skin is applying a wet, warm towel on the back and leaving it for a few minutes. After that, change the towel to a dry one to absorb all excess moisture.

- Last but not least, don't forget to give your client some post-waxing care guidelines. You Can read more about them on our recent post, The Do's and Dont's of Post-waxing Care.
Back Waxing Tips for Clients
Choose a Licensed Esthetician

- This goes especially if you are completely new to waxing. No one knows better about the ins and outs of waxing than the experts, and they make a point of offering clients the best products for smooth, effective waxing. Your waxing session is not likely to go wrong with a waxologist, who will provide you with the best attention and make sure you are comfortable. If any problem does come up, they have the knowledge to solve it. On the contrary, picture yourself even attempting to pick the best waxing kit and what's more, using it on such a difficult area!

- If you feel embarrassed at the thought of a stranger dealing with your hairy back, just remember that these professionals have seen it all; it's their day-to-day job and nothing to be ashamed of. The rewards of getting a full back wax will really surpass any discomfort you may feel.

Be Prepared for Your Appointment

- Needless to say, you need to be clean and prepared for your appointment. Take a good shower and wear comfortable clothes. Other details like moisturizing can be left out.
 Men After Back WaxingAsk Questions to Your Esthetician

- Your esthetician can surely help dispel any doubts you may have regarding waxing techniques, procedure and results. Most importantly, they will teach you how to handle waxing aftercare. You might think your questions are silly, but in fact they aren't. They will give you insight into waxing so that you feel less nervous about it and teach you how to care for your skin.

Follow Your Esthetician's Recommendations

- Do as your esthetician says to the letter! This is important to ensure that your post-waxing recovery period goes smoothly. You'll be glad you waxed and will actually be looking forward to booking a new appointment.

Both estheticians and clients now have the best back waxing tips for men, and at Beauty Image we have high-quality waxes and waxing accessories for licensed estheticians. Pamper your clients' skin regardless of the type of waxing you're applying. Learn more about us by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or filling out the contact form on this website. To get our latest news right in your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter!

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