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Are You a Spa Owner? Here Is Some Pre Waxing Care Advice You Can Give Your Clients

September 14, 2016

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A girl performing a waxing procedure after applying a pre waxing care product on the skin of her customer Are you a spa owner? If you are, you certainly know how important it is to possess the necessary knowledge and skills to keep your business growing. The most important aspects you have to consider are financial matters, professional skills, and how to satisfy your clients' demands. Something many spa goers tend to do is ask estheticians questions regarding the procedures they perform. Don't even be surprised if they have doubts about issues that could be simple for you since you're a professional but definitely not for them.

Some of the questions they may ask you could be related to pre waxing care, such as: "What should I do before the waxing session?" "Can I tan before waxing?" or "Should I take a pain reliever?" You should be careful with that last question, because taking medicine is a very sensitive issue. Since you are not licensed to prescribe medicine, you should to tell them to ask their doctors, as you don't know if your client might have a condition that could be affected by the medication. So, it is best not to recommend any type of pain reliever.

Another aspect you should take into consideration when a new client attends your spa or beauty salon for a waxing session is asking them if they are diabetic. If the answer is yes, then you should tell them to consult a general practitioner before they go through this procedure. This is because when the hair is ripped out, a superficial layer of skin is removed, too, making the skin more vulnerable to environmental agents that could cause infection. Since high blood sugar can delay healing, the skin will be unprotected for longer. Therefore, you should make sure they've consulted their general practitioner before you move on to the task.

Other recommendations you can give your clients are related to personal hygiene, such as bathing and/or freshening up before the procedure. Also, tell them to skip lotions and avoid heat (no saunas, hot tubs, tanning beds, sunbathing, and others) as it could irritate their skin, making waxing unpleasant. If there is a sunburn on the area to be treated, then the depilation should be postponed until it has totally healed.

Additionally, you can recommend your clients to exfoliate the area to be waxed 24 hours in advance, too, since doing this will remove the dead skin cells and allow a cleaner wax. If there are dead cells, these could clog the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs.

Pre Waxing Care Products We are sure that you know all about the products you can apply on your clients' skin before waxing. Therefore, Beauty Image offers Pre-Depilatory Powder and Pre-Depilatory Antiseptic Lotion, these two products are intended to protect the skin and remove sweat residue. They are also useful for improving the adherence of the wax, thus providing a better experience. These products contain menthol, which is a natural cooling and refreshing agent, and chamomile, used to reduce swelling and fight bacteria.

Finally, tell your clients that they should arrive early on the day of the session so they can be relaxed and you can take your time to do everything calmly. Don't forget to advise them to wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of the session.

Remember that many people are unaware of proper pre waxing care, so be prepared for many questions. If you are interested in obtaining more information about Beauty Image's line of pre waxing care products, you can call us toll-free at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form. You can also find us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA or follow us on Instagram @BeautyImageUSA. We will be ready to attend to your questions.
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