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5 Reasons to Stop Shaving Between Waxes

April 22, 2019

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Shaving Between Waxes Woman Shaving Legs in BathroomAs a beauty professional, we are sure most stories of how your clients switched to waxing are very similar. They were getting tired of shaving every other day, so they started seriously considering waxing. They did research about soft and hard body waxes, wax rooms, and Brazilians; then asked friends and read blogs online until they finally made the decision to dump the razor and book their first ever waxing appointment.

Now that it's over, they are actually pretty excited about the results, but a couple of weeks on, the super smooth feel is subsiding; they start to see a bit of stubble and feel so tempted to shave it all off. This is when we, estheticians, yell "STOP! It won't get any better if you go back to the razor. Believe us, we know better!" Let your clients know: here are the reasons why they absolutely need to stop shaving between waxes.

1. It will ruin their waxing schedule.

The hair growth cycle is not uniform, hair grows at different rates. This means that it's best to let hair grow in completely to get the shortest hairs at a more suitable length for when your next appointment is due. When you shave, you cause those shortest hairs to be at a length that might be difficult to work with at your waxing appointment.

Shaving Between Waxes Result Woman Skin IrritatedThe best recommendation you can give clients when they start coming in for regular waxing is to stay on track with appointments. The more appointments they miss or the more they disrupt them with shaving, the longer it will take to get the benefits of waxing. Bottom line, ask them to come in every four to six weeks depending on their hair growth religiously.

2. It will make their next wax more uncomfortable.

Clarify that "uncomfortable" means "painful." The hair follicle is tough, and it usually takes a few appointments before it weakens and it becomes easier to remove the hair from the root. If the client keeps shaving to skip appointments, they'll wax less and lengthen the time it takes for the follicle to weaken. Tough follicles equal more difficult hair removal, longer waxing sessions, and more pain. This is another very good reason to resolve ditching the razor for good, once you start waxing!

3. It will change the texture of hair.

We have all heard the claims that shaving makes hair grow back coarser and darker. Tell your clients that this is partially true, but not because the hair structure itself changes, but because the razor cuts hair at an angle, which makes it feel sharper and look thicker. However, you can assure your clients that waxing does change the texture of hair for the better. As you wax more, the hair will grow back finer and sparser due to the weakening of the follicle. Waxing scores again!
Shaving Between Waxes Woman Legs Waxed

4. It will provide shabby results.

Once you start waxing, shaving can't even compare! Warn your clients that they'll be taking the razor at their own risk of getting bad results (like missing some hairs, getting nicks and cuts, and more noticeable stubble). Also, shaving in between waxing appointments perpetuates the shaving cycle and brings you back to square one when it comes to hair removal.

5. It will probably increase the risk of ingrowns.

Although it is a myth that waxing will never give you ingrown hairs, we know for sure that shaving is more likely to cause those nasty reddish or dark bumps that look so bad and can hurt bad as well. Shaving irritates the skin (especially because it has to be done very frequently) and cuts hair in a sharp edge that can pierce the skin surface and grow back into it, causing ingrowns. You should always recommend exfoliating at least 24 hours prior to the waxing appointment, and if possible, treating shaving ingrown hairs too, to improve the waxing results.

Shaving Between Waxing Woman With Beautiful Legs

Old habits die hard: what if a client still wants to shave?

After all the previous warnings we doubt that a client will still want to stick to their razor. But we know that some people might do as they please, and this includes shaving it all off in between appointments just to feel super smooth without thinking of the consequences. Sometimes it's a matter of emergencies, like a beach trip just before the next waxing appointment. In such cases, tell clients to let the hair grow for a couple of weeks longer than they would before their next wax. This ensures that the hair reaches the correct length and they can catch up with their waxing again no cheating this time!

As the waxing expert, you have the authority and knowledge to explain the disadvantages of shaving between waxes. Help your clients get their hair removal goals and stick to waxing, they will feel a lot better, get healthier skin, and keep loyal to your waxing services. We hope our advice comes in handy and it helps you talk your clients into great waxing treatments and out of the razor for good.

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