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5 Keys to Make Waxing a Smooth Experience for Your Clients

November 15, 2016

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Woman attending a waxing appointment Customers might not realize it, but when they visit a new spa or salon for a waxing session they are constantly examining every aspect of the process to determine whether they will become regular clients. Therefore, it's a spa owner's task to surpass the client's expectations and provide the best waxing service to encourage them to come back. To that extent, here are five key aspects every salon should excel in to make waxing a smooth experience rather than an unnoteworthy one:
  • Products choose well and don't forget skin care!
  • When customers attend a waxing appointment, they want the process to be quick, painless, smooth, and above all, they look for good results. To fulfill those expectations, an esthetician must know what kind of product is the most effective for each body, face, or skin type so the waxing experience can be quick and have no setbacks. No one will want to come back to a spa where it took 5 or more strokes to wax just one spot. Very often, estheticians focus so much on hair removal that they forget another important aspect skin care. Picking out waxes and post depilatory products that help with the usual post wax swelling or irritation is mandatory. There are different kinds of products, such as our Sweet Dreams line, that have waxes with a low melting point and moisturizing properties; these are great for customers with sensitive skin.

  • The introduction it's all about the first impression
  • Making a client book another appointment is an esthetician's greatest accomplishment. To that end, providing an excellent first experience is decisive. A customer should feel at ease from the moment they step into the reception area until they leave hair-free. This is essential, especially for first-time waxing clients, since they often arrive anxious, predisposed, and feeling embarrassed. It is important that you highlight your spa's concern for making customers feel comfortable and safe so they have a good experience clients need to hear it.

  • Hygiene a pristine ambiance is essential
  • Each waxing procedure has steps and hygiene protocols that every beauty specialist should follow that is to say, safety and hygiene must be a spa's main priorities. Essentially, these rules must be obeyed: thoroughly wash your hands before each procedure; always make sure you clean and sanitize the client's skin so no bacteria, oil, residue, or dirt can infect the follicles; sterilize all tools and never reuse disposable products such as gloves, spatulas, wax strips, or post depilatory wipes.
    A woman and an esthetician during a waxing treatment
  • Communication talk to your client
  • Before the waxing procedure, discuss with your client what he or she should expect and the upcoming process. Also, mention what makes your spa different from other salons. You can keep the conversation going the whole time so the customer doesn't have time to feel embarrassed, especially when performing a bikini or Brazilian wax on first-time clients. Additionally, customers appreciate it when estheticians kindly advise them what pre or post depilatory products they should use or how to take proper care of their skin at home. This could also be an opportunity for retail.

  • Smile and be gentle! A peaceful environment equals relaxed clients
  • Waxing doesn't have to be an awkward or horrible experience; it's a spa's job to transform it into a relaxing and revitalizing time for the customer. By just being kind and putting on a smile for every client, you'll make them feel more at ease. Make sure each room of your salon is well-decorated and organized. In the waxing room, you can put on relaxing music or even let the clients choose their own. Use aromatherapy or essential oils to ignite the clients' senses. You can also give customers facial massages after a wax. It's all about your creativity and ability to incorporate relaxing elements that can enhance the waxing procedure and make your client fall in love with your spa.
We hope you found these tips useful and you keep them in mind when you welcome clients or order new products for your beauty business. If you're a licensed esthetician and you're looking for high-quality hair removal products to use at your spa, we advise you check out our range of hard and soft body waxes, pre and post depilatory products, and waxing accessories. You can contact us toll-free at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form. Also, you can find us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA and follow us on Instagram @BeautyImageUSA.
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