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4 Advantages You'll Only Get with Professional Hair Removal Products

June 16, 2021

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Beauty Image professional hair removal productsHave you ever wondered in what ways a product is different when it has the word 'professional' in its name or description? Is it really better than the regular options anyone can buy at a drugstore or pharmacy? Although we generally talk about the same kind of hair removal products –strip wax, non-strip wax, etc.–, the jump from regular to professional includes variations that are good to keep in mind when buying new products for your spa if you're a licensed esthetician, or when deciding to switch to professional waxing if you are a consumer.

Essentially, what makes a hair removal product professional lies in the facts that it is designed to be used in professional environments like waxing salons or spas. Also, it may require a specialized license to purchase. This occurs because professional hair removal products are much different than those you find at a drugstore; they are made with more potent ingredients that only licensed estheticians know how to use safely because of their training and study.

Not only do professional products have higher quality, they are also made with safer ingredients and come in a much larger variety of presentations. Any good esthetician should stick to these kinds of waxing products to guarantee their clients are being taken care of with the best options available. Here are some of the advantages of choosing professional hair removal products for your spa:
  • High-quality ingredients. Drugstores have a lot of hair removal products like no heat gel hair removers, smooth creams that supposedly remove the hair in a matter of seconds, razors wrapped in shaving cream… and while clever, none of these ideas have proven to be a successful way to get rid of unwanted hair. What's more, according to people who have tried the products , they may harm or leave the skin feeling itchy after use. The best hair removal products are made of mostly natural ingredients, that's why you'll never find notable professional waxes, for example, made entirely of chemicals.
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  • A sea of options. Having trouble finding a wax specially made to treat a certain type of skin at a drugstore? While hundreds of beauty companies produce different types of hair removal products and in a variety of presentations, you'll never find as many options as in the professional market. Scented or paraben-free waxes, products enriched with cocoa oil and sweet almond oil, specialized pre- and post-care products for sensitive or allergic skin are just the tip of the iceberg of the reliable professional products you can find for your spa or beauty business.
There is no discussion that at-home beauty treatments will never beat professional services at specialized waxing salons. If not merely for the high-quality hair removal products that are used in the latter, at professional spas clients can rely on the expertise of skillful estheticians to do the job proficiently. For people who do not mind spending a little more to save the trouble of trying to remove hair on their own, then professional services are for them. What can you find as a customer at a waxing salon that you might not have at home? Here are some examples:
  • The technique. The instructions of that pre-coated waxing strips might seem easy to follow, but the truth is that users at home almost never achieve the results they expected from the DIY waxing kits they buy. Waxing requires practice, study, and expertise—skills you'll undoubtedly find at professional waxing salons, not to mention that some parts of the human body are impossible to wax by yourself.

  • Hard wax, soft wax, sugar paste? At professional beauty businesses, estheticians have all kinds of waxes they need to remove the fuzz from any part of the body. Soft waxes work great for some areas where hard wax doesn't, so it's imperative to have several options to work with. At home, on the other hand, most people attempt to use the same DIY waxing kit to remove the hair everywhere –which could lead to uncomfortable side effects– or make terrible waxing mistakes like applying paste on the same area several times because the hairs are not being removed entirely, which could burn or harm the skin badly.
Esthetician and client talking about professional hair removal productsIf you are a licensed esthetician, you must know that the hair removal products you use contribute to the reputation of your spa, and speak volumes about your expertise as a professional too, for what it's worth. When you choose the brands you'll be using at your business, or if you decide to try out a new product line, make sure to do some research about the manufacturers first.

Do they have a website where you can get more information about their products? Are they easy to reach in case you want to know more about an ingredient you have never heard of? What have other estheticians said about the products on beauty forums or review sites? Even though you might find products at your local store that have "professional" written on them, they are usually just adaptations for the public with the name but they don't work as efficiently as the actual professional product. Take advantage of the Internet to make sure that the goods you're buying have the quality you need.

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