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3 Reasons Why Hard Body Waxes Are Better for First-time Clients

July 05, 2017

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Hard Body Waxes Guidance The age we start shaving or waxing is an important time for any girl. In most modern cultures, female body hair removal is a symbol of adulthood and maturity. That's why most moms usually establish a minimum age for their daughters to shave or wax, or why sometimes they forbid these procedures until, or even after, puberty. This habit has launched a series of debates about whether it is really necessary to make young girls wait to remove body or facial hair; these discussions have been extensively addressed by moms, psychologists, estheticians, and girls or teenagers themselves.

In any case, if you're a licensed esthetician with a beauty business, you will eventually welcome young clients who have never had a wax before and are looking to get their legs or eyebrows done—the two most common services for younger clients—for the first-time. Later on, we will explain why using hard body waxes is the best option for this type of clients, but first, here are some reasons why the matter is still a controversy among parents:

Needless pain: Even though nowadays we can find professional products and techniques to reduce pain, waxing will always cause some level of discomfort. Also, shaving can lead to cuts and waxing can cause skin burns or allergies. Mothers often wonder if it is really necessary to put their daughters through such pain and dangers just to have well-shaped eyebrows, while others decide to let their daughters make their own decisions about what to do with their bodies. Is pain tolerance different for young girls or teenagers than for adults? Studies carried out in the University of Oxford suggest that babies feel pain the same way adults do , although there is no denying that further research in medicine is needed to define this matter clearly. The esthetician's job is to simply, yet thoughtfully, explain the procedure so clients and their parents know how it works and understand the pain and discomfort that they might experience.

Peer pressure: According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, one out of every five students in the U.S. reported being bullied at school in 2015. Some girls have coarse, noticeable hair on their legs or upper lip even before turning 10; it's in their genetics and there isn't anything wrong with it. Unfortunately, these threats can turn them into easy targets for bullies at school—another study showed that 55% of bullying victims are usually harassed for their looks. It's common for girls to be laughed at for having hairy legs or dense eyebrows. This is another reason why moms decide to let their daughters shave or wax from an early age to avoid emotional or social distress in the future, which is a reasonable argument when one considers the following: why make a young mind go through a hard time at school just to hold off a "mature" hygiene ritual they will need later anyway?

What kind of waxes to use when treating first-time clients?
For first-time waxing clients—whether 14 or 30 years old—turning to a professional is always the safest way to go. DIY waxing can be tricky for people who are not familiar with the procedure, especially for minors who are not used to those kinds of beauty treatments.

If you're an esthetician and you own a waxing salon, you surely receive, or will receive, teenage clients who come to you for a first-time leg wax, girls who come with their moms to remove their upper lip hair, or a young woman who has never tried waxing before. Regardless of who the first-time client is, it is best to stick to hard body waxes, here are three reasons why:
  1. Hard body waxes are gentler because they don't stick to the skin when applied, minimizing the painful effect of the pull. They grab the hair without removing layers of dead skin cells. Soft waxes, on the other hand, do grab skin, and while this may provide an exfoliation effect on the skin, the procedure tends to hurt a little more.

  2. Just as sugaring paste, hard waxes are pulled in the direction of hair growth, which is also much less painful than pulling the hair in the opposite direction.

  3. Eyebrows Hard Body Waxes
  4. They melt at lower temperature, making the sensation of heat on the skin less noticeable. This is extremely convenient for young clients because there is less chance of the skin burning, something most first-time clients are usually concerned about.
When a girl can start waxing is not an easy question to answer; each family, mother, or daughter will answer differently according to several factors. What matters to a professional esthetician is to always do an expert job and offer honest guidance about the pros and cons of waxing. In this line of thought, estheticians shouldn't treat clients under the age of 18 without their parents' consent. There is a consensus among the community of cosmetologists that states that all minors need to have a written or signed consent if they are not accompanied by their guardian.

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