Roll-On Classic

Roll-On Wax Sticks can be effective and easy-to-use options for hair removal in a professional setting. Made with natural pine resins, our line of roll-on waxes is moisturizing and leaves skin soft and supple. These waxes have naturally cleansing properties so they don’t leave a residue. Our professional wax rollers are suitable for the body and can be used on all skin and hair types. They are available in Natural, Azulene, Soy Marvelous & etc. 

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Why Choose Roll-On Wax Sticks?

When working in a professional setting, speed and efficiency are crucial. With roll-ons and the right wax warmers, you can power through multiple hair removal appointments with ease. They provide a smooth texture for clients’ skin and are residue-free. Plus, roll-on wax can be used in large areas and have a creamy, pleasing texture your clients will love. Make sure to follow up with post-depilatory care for the best experience.

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Beauty Image USA has served spas, salons, and estheticians for 26 years. We are proud to offer natural, sustainable, and economically-friendly products for use in the professional setting. Our excellent customer service keeps clients coming back over and over. We hope to serve you as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the high-quality ingredients of our professional wax rollers, roll-ons are often desirable due to their ultra-hygienic application. Since the wax can be applied directly from the applicator to the skin, there is no risk of cross-contamination.

Yes. Professional wax rollers remove hair from the root just like traditional waxing or sugaring treatments.

Roll-on waxing treatments remove the hair from the root, just like traditional waxing or sugaring treatments. While we can’t guarantee ingrown hairs are impossible, with our professional formula, they are very rare.