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With Our Roll-On Waxes, Your Clients Will Get Glowing Skin

July 05, 2016

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waxer-rollUsing roll-ons for the waxing process is a great experience and a unique way to apply hair removal waxes. Instead of using a spatula and a wax pot, you use a roll-on heater-applicator with a wax cartridge that makes the process easier. Each one of these roll-ons has unique properties that will help your skin look and feel great after the waxing process.

All Beauty Image roll-on waxes are made with natural pine resins and are very effective against coarse hair on extensive areas of the body and face. These roll-on waxes are paraffin-free and don't leave any residue behind. This roll-on wax line is divided into 9 categories, each one with its own characteristic products. These categories are the following:

Classic: Classic roll-ons have cleansing, moisturizing, and healing properties, and they are very gentle on the skin. They come in three varieties: Natural Honey, Green Pine, and Azulene. This last one is very effective for waxing eyebrows and the upper lip.

Sensitive: These roll-ons are formulated with Ricinus communis seed oil, vitamins A, E, and F, and milk. The Sensitive line comes in 5 varieties: Pink Crème, Karite/Shea Butter, Cappuccino, Lavender, and the very exclusive For Men wax.

Essential Oil: This type of wax contains natural oils like honey extract, fruit, and olive oil, and also Theobroma cacao. It prevents skin irritation and has regenerative properties. It comes in 5 varieties: Olive Oil, Banana, Fruits, and Choco Wax.

Hypoallergenic: These roll-on waxes are formulated with a synthetic resin specially designed for rosin-allergic skin, but it also works on all skin types. It comes in 3 varieties: Lemon, Apple, and Lavender.

Ayurveda Roll-On: This formula is the same as the highly praised Depilsense Ayurveda hard wax, adapted as a roll-on. It hydrates the skin and has a magnolia scent. Its main ingredients are Zinc Oxide and Lotusense.

Glamour Roll-On: It combines all the features of the other Glamour products into one roll-on to offer a luxurious, yet affordable waxing experience that leaves the skin glowing and soft. Its ingredients are Gold Powder and Argan Oil.

Smoothies: Thanks to ingredients like Coconut and Wild Strawberry Oil, Smoothies have smoothing and moisturizing properties, and delicious scents. Smoothies come in 2 varieties: Strawberry and Coconut.

Gourmet Roll-On: This wax has the same features as other Gourmet products, with the perfect mix of strawberry and champagne extracts. The Gourmet Roll-On is perfect for pampering your most exclusive customers.

wax-accesoriesRoll-On Accessories: Our accessories are made with the best materials to guarantee high quality and durability. There are 7 accessories – first, you have the Roll-On Heater-Applicator, which heats the wax and keeps it at a constant temperature for a great application. Then, there is a Base for 8 Roll-Ons, which can heat them all at the same time. We also offer you the Double Base for Roll-On Heater-Applicators to heat two heater-applicators at once.

The Waxing System is excellent for heating and keeping applicators and wax cans warm. Next, we offer you the CombiWax, which can heat a wax can and 3 roll-ons at once. You can also try the Facial Roll-On Heater-Applicator, which is useful for heating mini roll-ons that are used in areas where you need high precision, such as the face and upper lip. Finally, we have the plastic Roll-On Holder, perfect for protecting your hands from the heat of the roll-on.

A good hair removal wax is essential for any beauty process, but it's also necessary to be able to apply it in different ways to meet each customer's preferences. If you are interested in buying these products for your spa, go to our contact section or call us at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815, and we will gladly assist you. Follow us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA and Instagram at @BeautyImageUSA so you don't miss any of our news or announcements.
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