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With Our Roll-On Waxes, Your Clients Will Get Glowing Skin

February 20, 2019

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Roll-On Wax on Spa TableWaxing procedures don't always have to involve a wax pot. There is a much more practical and cleaner method: roll-ons. These soft wax cartridges can be heated to an optimal temperature in a handy device that is much smaller than wax warmers, and most importantly, mess-free.

Besides the classic soft wax cans and hard wax beads and disks, Beauty Image has a wide range of roll-ons to match, which belong to the same product lines. This allows estheticians to keep their products consistent regardless of the type of wax they use and the waxing service they offer. If you are looking to restock your salon with the best roll-on waxes, keep reading. We'll tell you everything about our roll-ons.

Why Roll-on Waxes Are a Good Choice

Your salon must offer variety, not only in the services you offer but also in the products you use. Waxing might need different products on different body parts or skin types, so it's a good idea to stock on soft waxes, hard waxes, and roll-ons. If you really love one wax line in particular, why not have all three types of wax belong to the same?

The most important reason why roll-ons are a great choice is that they offer effective and clean waxing. No piles of wax pots to clean up, no spatulas, no wax drips. Applying roll-on wax is also pretty straightforward. Just roll the cartridge on the skin to get the perfect amount.

When it comes to results, roll-ons provide effective waxing on body and facial hair alike, whether the hair is fine or coarse.
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Easy Steps to Use Roll-on Wax

  1. Insert the roll-on in the roll-on heater device.

  2. Plug the heater to an outlet and allow the wax to melt for around twenty minutes.

  3. Remove the protector on the roll-on top. You're ready to start waxing! You don't have to remove the cartridge from the heater; this device is also an applicator.

  4. Press the roll-on down on the skin in the direction of hair growth. The wax will come out in thin, even sections.

  5. Press a muslin strip on the wax and make sure it's adhered properly.

  6. Rip the strip off against the direction of hair growth and apply pressure afterward to soothe the pain.

  7. Remember that roll-on wax is also soft wax, do not go over the area you're waxing more than once to avoid skin tearing or excessive irritation.

Learn Everything about Beauty Image's Roll-on Waxes

Beauty Image's waxes are all made with the latest technology and the finest ingredients, and our roll-ons are no exception. Our roll-ons are made with natural pine resins and enriched with a variety of natural ingredients that pamper the skin. Best of all, Beauty Image's waxes are paraffin-free and paraben-free, so they leave no sticky residue and take care of your clients' skin. You will surely find a favorite among our eight wax lines.

Beauty Image's Roll-on Wax Varieties

Classic Roll-On Wax on Spa TableClassic: Classic roll-ons have cleansing, moisturizing, and healing properties, and they are very gentle on the skin. They come in three varieties: Natural Honey, Green Pine, and Azulene. There are also Natural Honey refills for eyebrows and upper lip, for practical and gentle facial hair removal.

Sensitive: These roll-ons are formulated with Ricinus communis seed oil, vitamins A, E, and F, and milk. The Sensitive line comes in 5 varieties: Pink Crème, Karite/Shea Butter, Cappuccino, Lavender, and the very exclusive For Men wax. For Men guarantees effective waxing on coarse and abundant hair and has the antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oil.

Essential Oil: All roll-ons in this line contain natural oils like honey extract, fruit oils, olive oil, and Theobroma cacao (in our Chocotherapy line). Each of these roll-ons contains titanium dioxide, prevents skin irritation and has emollient and regenerative properties. There are 5 varieties: Olive Oil, Banana, Fruits, and Choco Wax.

Roll-On Wax Hypoallegenic Lemon Wax Appel Wax and Lavender Wax on TableHypoallergenic These roll-on waxes are formulated with a synthetic resin specially designed for rosin-allergic skin, but it also works on all skin types. It comes in 3 varieties: Lemon, Apple, and Lavender.

Ayurveda Roll-On: This formula is the same as the highly praised Depilsense Ayurveda hard wax, adapted as a roll-on. main ingredients are Zinc Oxide and Lotusense (lotus flower extract). It hydrates the skin and has a magnolia scent.

Gourmet Roll-On: This wax has the same features as other Gourmet products, with the perfect mix of strawberry and champagne extracts. The Gourmet Roll-On is perfect for pampering your most exclusive customers.

Smoothies: Thanks to ingredients like Coconut and Wild Strawberry Oil, Smoothies provide soothing and moisturizing properties, and delicious scents. Smoothies come in 2 varieties: Strawberry and Coconut.

 Roll-On Wax Glamour Roll-OnGlamour Roll-On: It combines all the features of the other Glamour products into one roll-on to offer a luxurious, yet affordable waxing experience that leaves the skin glowing and soft. Its ingredients are Gold Powder and Argan Oil.

Beauty Image's Roll-on Accessories

To complement our wide range of roll-ons, Beauty Image also offers Roll-on accessories: heater applicators, system heaters, roll-on heads, and refills. They are all made with the best materials to guarantee high quality and durability. Here is our equipment for roll-ons:

Roll-On Heater Applicator: This device heats the wax after 20-30 minutes and keeps it at a constant temperature for 30-40 minutes, which is important to ensure correct application.

With this heater-applicator you won't have to worry about getting tangled with cables; you only have to choose your favorite Beauty Image roll-on wax and you're good to go. Last but not least, you can heat this device on our roll-on bases.

Roll-On Wax Base for 8 Roll-OnsBase for 8 Roll-Ons: this practical base is the perfect heating station for a busy salon. It has two rows of four roll-on slots each: one of them full-heats the roll-ons while the other one keeps them pre-heated. The best thing is that all roll-ons have switches so they can be controlled independently.

Double Base for Roll-On Heater-Applicators: this device warms up two heater-applicators at once and fits both standard and mini roll-on sizes.

System Wax: do you need a versatile device? This is it. System wax heats not only soft wax cans and pots with hard wax, but also six roll-on heater applicators (two ready-to-go, four on standby). Everything you need in one durable, energy-smart device.

Roll-On Wax Heater Combi-WaxCombiWax: this is another versatile and time-saving heater for one soft wax can and three roll-ons at once.
Facial Roll-On Heater-Applicator: useful for heating mini roll-ons and used in areas where you need high precision, such as the face and upper lip.

Plastic Roll-On Holder: this durable plastic holder is perfect for protecting your hands from the heat of the roll-on while waxing or placing the roll-on while it's not being used.

Roll-on Head Refills: these pieces adapt to facial roll-ons and facilitate application on the eyebrow and upper lip areas. They'll help you get the perfect amount of wax and a flawless application on these small places.

Now you know everything about Beauty Image's roll-ons and roll-on accessories. What are you waiting for? Include these products in your salon essentials. We are sure your clients will love them. To learn more about our roll-ons and wide range of waxes, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below. Looking for news about hair removal methods and products? Subscribe to our newsletter.

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