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Soft Body Wax

August 02, 2017

3 Areas Most Sensitive to Pain and How to Wax them Hard Body Waxes on Skin

Although estheticians can't offer pain-free waxing treatments, several methods do exist to reduce its intensity. As a licensed esthetician, you're surely familiar with calming oils, tea tree c...


January 27, 2017

The Advantages of Using Soft Body Waxes for Bikini Waxing Woman Legs After a Bikini Waxing

Throughout the years, waxing has become a vast business filled with countless products that are made for different uses and skin types. However, broadly speaking, hair removal waxes can be div...


November 08, 2016

What Makes Beauty Image an Excellent Choice? Learn More about Us Beautician Waxing Woman's Leg

Beauty Image is a leading supplier of hair removal products that are currently marketed in 55 countries. We have been in the US since 1998, providing our soft body waxes, hard body...