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All the Waxing Products for Men You Need for Male Intimate Waxing

August 16, 2017

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Waxing Products for Men Eucalyptus Line Waxing men does not differ much from waxing women. However, professional estheticians must use specialized waxing products for men for good results. Even though both types of waxing are essentially performed under the same procedures and standards, men's skin and body type require a product made with different components and ingredients, especially when it comes to waxing their intimate area.

Though manscaping is becoming more acceptable and popular in the beauty industry, it is still a small market compared to female waxing—a fact that tells beauticians to invest only on the essential products for these services.

If you're thinking about adding male waxing to your list of services, here are the main waxing products you need:
  • Hard wax: the best choice for male intimate waxing
    Professional salons offer men a large variety of options for this procedure, as many as for women actually. Clients can choose from a basic tidy up of the frontal area or completely remove all hair from their intimate zone (this includes the buttocks and crack). Hard wax is the best way to go for any kind of these services since it doesn't cause as much pain as soft wax. Besides, hard wax, also called non-strip wax, does not need paper strips to be peeled off, meaning it is easier for the esthetician to work with.

    Beauty Image's hard wax beads from the For Men line, for example, are perfect to treat smaller and more sensitive areas of the body, including the intimate area. It is made with eucalyptus oil, whose analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties ensure a less painful procedure and regenerated skin after depilation—it is a nourishing ingredient often used for therapeutic massages or aromatherapy.

    A man's skin is naturally thicker than a woman's—about 25% thicker—but that does not make it less sensitive to pain or skin conditions. Guys also suffer from skin issues such as dryness and flaking; their skin is generally greasier than women's too. Therefore, it is an esthetician's duty to use high-quality hair removal products with special properties based on the particularities of men's skin.

  • Soft wax: best for other areas
    First, we need to establish that soft wax should definitely be avoided for male intimate waxing. Most beauty salons and professional estheticians follow this rule for the same reasons we mentioned above (less pain and much easier to work with). On a different note, soft waxes made specifically for men are a great investment as well—these are great to treat the most requested male waxing services nowadays: chest, back, armpits, and legs.

    At Beauty Image, we have soft waxes in two presentations: 110 ml roll-ons, and 400 ml or 800 ml soft wax in cans. Such like our hard wax, they are made with eucalyptus oil and titanium dioxide, which ensures the pores are totally open and maximum hair removal is achieved even on greasy skin. Furthermore, the anti-bacterial component of eucalyptus helps prevent pore contamination.

  • Waxing Products for Men Intimate Zone
  • Post-depilatory oils
    Post-depilatory products are made to calm the skin and prevent uncomfortable waxing side effects like redness, red bumps, ingrown hairs, etc. after a treatment. As we stated on a guide about pre- and post- waxing care for men, their skin tends to be more hydrated than women's, so they shouldn't suffer as many side effects. However, each body is different and a lot of factors can alter and distress the skin (health issues, sun exposure, improper cleaning habits).

    Applying post-depilatory oils or tonics will help reduce redness and make the client feel more pleased with the outcome. Another one of the products from Beauty Image's For Men line consists of a calming oil made with eucalyptus, vitamins, and drying agents to calm and smooth the skin after waxing and get rid of any wax remains. It absorbs fast and will leave the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
As you can see, Beauty Image is always looking to bring innovative and high-quality products to the beauty market in the United States. Our For Men line was launched aiming to provide professional estheticians with specialized products they can use to offer great waxing services; every product of the line comes lightly perfumed and the waxes have been proven effective even on the thickest of hair. We invite you to navigate through our online store to learn more about them or any of our other products.

For more information about our hair removal products for men, call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on the website. To learn how to purchase or products through our website, watch our video tutorials. Lastly, if you want to keep up to date with our promotions and receive the latest news about waxing trends, find us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA, follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA and on Instagram @Beautyimageusa. If you prefer emails, you can also subscribe to our newsletter.
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