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All About Our Gourmet Line: An Irresistibly Tempting Combination of Strawberries and Champagne

June 08, 2018

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Woman Presenting Gourmet LineIf you enjoy the fine things in life and you prefer high-quality, delicious, and enticing food, then you have the spirit of a gourmet. You take advantage of the delicious treats that nature offers as both nutritious food and wonderful beauty remedies.

With this idea in mind, Beauty Image has come up with Gourmet, a line that captures the essence or gourmet eating and translates it into a lavish experience for the skin. Beauty Image looked among the wide variety of delicious natural ingredients with amazing properties for the skin, and chose strawberries and champagne, a simple yet refined combination that nourishes the skin and pampers the senses.

The Gourmet line is comprised of four products that evoke simple luxury. All the products are infused with the antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and clarifying properties that strawberry and champagne have. Gourmet comes in an eye-catching pink tone and has a deliciously tempting fragrance that combines the sweetness of strawberries and the light acidity and freshness of champagne.
Strawberries and Champagne: Two Delicious Ingredients to Pamper the SkinYou may not know that both these ingredients work wonders for your skin.
Gourmet Line's Strawberries BannerMoreover, these ingredients also keep oily skin balanced. Omega-3 fatty acids also do their part to illuminate the skin. Gourmet Line's Champagne BannerIt has antibacterial properties, not to mention antioxidant and clarifying benefits. The reason behind this is champagne's high content in polyphenols, tartaric acid, and carbon dioxide.

Isn't it wonderful that all these benefits can be brought into your waxing routine? Now that you know why strawberries and champagne make such a good combination, learn more about each product in Beauty Image's Gourmet line.
Gourmet Line: Four Innovative Products for a Lavish Waxing ExperienceGourmet Line's Champagne-Fraises PearlsGourmet keeps in line with the trend of including the natural benefits of natural gourmet ingredients into skin care. These four products are not only great to the skin, but a treat to the senses. Gourmet is an invitation to forget about waxing and instead conjure up a pleasant experience. Your clients will end up thinking of celebratory nights and sweet picnic afternoons rather than focus on any pain or discomfort during the waxing procedure with the smoothness of each product and an enticing fragrance that will capture them from the first moment.

Our line features Champagne Fraises Beads, Champagne Fraises Wax Jar, Champagne Fraises Roll-on, and Champagne Fraises Post-Depilatory Tonic. Here are the details about each one of them.

Champagne Fraises Beads

These hard wax beads are best suited for areas with sensitive skin such as the bikini area, which makes it perfect for Brazilians. Champagne Fraises Beads has an innovative paraben-free and low-melting-point formula that provides a maximum of skin care for sensitive areas. Another coveted property of this wax is its effectivity on short hair.

Gourmet Line's Champagne-Fraises WaxChampagne Fraises Wax Jar

The cutting-edge formulation of this marvelous wax provides a rich and creamy texture. Champagne Fraises Wax Jar has a low melting point, so it is good to go after just one minute in the microwave. This jar is especially designed for single use and it contains a wooden spatula and a disposable thong. It can be opened in front of the client to ensure that the wax and the rest of the waxing tools will be used once only, which is comfortable, convenient, and hygienic.
Like the other products in the Gourmet line, Champagne Fraises Wax Jar is great for sensitive areas, works well on short hair, and is free of parabens.

Gourmet Line's Champagne-Fraises Roll-OnChampagne Fraises Roll-On

The Champagne Fraises Roll-On is best suited for larger areas, such as arms, legs, and armpits. Using this roll-on is cleaner, quicker, and more effective, as the roller head deposits a small layer of wax onto the skin every time. Using the Champagne Fraises Roll-On will definitely save you the time wasted going back and forth with a spatula.

High-quality fine pigments lend this roll-on a glittery and glamorous touch to this luxury wax, and it evokes the glowing touch the skin gets from the nurturing action of the strawberries and champagne. Champagne Fraises Roll-On is paraben-free.

Gourmet Line's Champagne-Fraises Tonic

Champagne Fraises Post-Depilatory Tonic

Last but not least, the Champagne Fraises Post-Depilatory Tonic completes this state-of-the-art line. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Urea, this soothing tonic helps recover the hydration of the skin after waxing, leaving the skin refreshed, moisturized, and amazingly perfumed. Just make sure to use it right after waxing.

Your clients will look forward to every waxing appointment only so that you can enjoy the treat of Beauty Image's Gourmet line! They will become addicted to this delicious and luxurious treatment for their skin and senses.

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