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Sep 02, 2019

You probably have seen them in your wax technician's shelf when you go to your waxing appointment. These little colorful hard wax beads are what goes into the wax warmer, gets melted, and is layered on your skin to rip off hair. But there are a few other things you should know about this wonderful type of depilatory wax, so we're here to fill you in.1. Hard wax beads are made of pine tree resins.

The base ingredient for hard wax beads is rosin, a translucent amber substance that results after resins from pine trees and coniferous plants have been processed. Rosin is solid, but gives depilatory wax its characteristic consistency when melted. Other names for rosins are colophony/colophonium or glyceryl rosinate. Some people can be allergic to natural pine tree rosins, but to solve this problem, some companies have waxes with synthetic rosins that suit the needs of allergic skin.

Melted Hard Wax Beads

2. Copolymers are the reason why hard wax is so elastic.

A combination of ethylene and vinyl acetate (EVA copolymer) lends hard wax its ability to adhere to the hair and stay flexible so that it can be ripped in patches without the need for muslin strips. Without this ingredient, the wax would go brittle and crack after it's dried instead of remaining pliable as it does.

3. Most hard wax beads are enriched with natural ingredients.There is a variety of natural ingredients that manufacturers use to provide hard waxes with emollient, moisturizing, brightening, soothing, antioxidant, hydrating, or even growth-inhibiting properties. Chamomile, aloe vera, argan oil, azulene, champagne, chocolate, strawberries, cotton oil, karite, shea butter, lotus flower extract, and even caviar and activated charcoal are common options. Additionally, vitamins like E and A are added to some waxes to enhance their nourishing properties for the skin. last but not least, hard wax beads usually come with added fragrance and attractive colors, sometimes with nacree pigments that make them eye-catching.

4. They don't only come as beads.

They are also available as disks, pellets, pearls or bricks. The size makes them easy to handle and facilitates the melting process. And they can even serve as a decorative accent in the wax room.

5. They are perfect for any body partHard wax beads are great for waxing in different body parts. Facial and body waxing are easy to do with hard wax beads because they provide accurate and effective results. While hard wax has been traditionally linked with smaller body parts like the face, the truth is that it is just as comfortable and effective for larger body parts which have been mostly linked to soft wax (like the arms, legs, and back). You can use exclusively hard wax throughout all your waxing services, and it'll be all you need! However, some professionals might choose to use both types of wax to save up a bit on their supplies since hard wax is usually more expensive.

6. Some hard waxes also come in a can.

Hard waxes don't always look like beads. They can also come in a can or even be melted in a microwave (beads can also be heated in a microwave or stove following some guidelines, but we recommend professional warmers). If you want to know the correct way to heat wax in the stove or the microwave, consult our previous blog post "Can I Melt Wax in the Microwave?"

7. You don't need wax strips to use them.

You've seen wax being used mostly with paper strips, but hard wax doesn't need them. The wax itself has the perfect consistency to harden as it dries but also stay pliable, which allows you to rip it off to remove hair. One tip to improve your technique: leave a 'lip' as you finish spreading the wax. This thicker end will help lift the wax more easily for a more accurate pull and better results.

8. You can go over the same area more than once.

Unlike soft wax, which can never be applied in the same area twice for risk of ripping off the skin, hard wax can be reapplied if you need to remove more hair. As you can see, it is gentle on the skin and causes less irritation. You can also tweeze the strays if you prefer.

9. You can learn to use it by yourself.

You can DIY your waxing sessions and save money on waxing appointments, it's true. If you get a waxing kit (warmer, hard wax beads, applicators and a pre- and post-depilatory lotion), you have pretty much everything you need for good waxing from the comfort of your home. But we recommend this only on accessible places like the legs and arms and warn you that it takes practice to finally master it. Never start on places like the face or the intimate area until you have mastered easier body parts. Even when some people claim that they can perfectly DIY their waxes, others accept that they don't have the skills or training to achieve perfect results by themselves, in which case it's better to go to a trained esthetician.
Hard Wax Beads Application

10. Hard wax beads are the pros' favorites.

Most professional estheticians invest in hard wax to use in all waxing treatments. It offers so many advantages! (it's practical, workable, easy to use, and mess-free). With hard wax, you don't need other types of wax, or muslin strips, and it's definitely worth giving a try! Read our previous blog post "How to Wax Using Hard Wax Beads" to learn all the secrets from the pros.

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