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How to Wax Using Hard Wax Beads

July 15, 2019

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Esthetician with Hard Wax BeadsIf you have been to a specialized store looking for waxing supplies, you must have noticed that hard wax beads pop among the rest of the products, and no wonder, they are colorful and fun. The great thing is that they are also very practical and effective, so they can be the best ally when it comes to getting flawless results in any waxing treatment. It's time to grab your hard body waxes, wax heater, spatula, and your best techniques to start getting flawless waxes.

Hard Wax Beads Bowl

First, What Are Hard Wax Beads Made of?

Hard wax beads are made mainly of pine rosins, an ingredient derived from pine trees. The formula also contains ingredients to ensure it stays flexible and smooth (not dry and brittle, which would make application quite difficult). Most importantly, hard wax beads contain natural ingredients with moisturizing, soothing, and softening properties. This makes up for a wide variety of hard wax types: with chocolate, detoxifying agents, fruits, azulene, aloe, champagne, argan oilů the possibilities are endless. Rosin-allergic people can use hard wax made with synthetic rosins.

Last but not least, hard wax beads contain delicious fragrances and flashy colors that make them more attractive. Beads are one of the most common shapes for hard wax, but you can also find pearls, disks, and bricks.

Are Hard Wax Beads Better Than Other Types of Wax?

There is no clear-cut answer, but most professionals would bet for hard wax before any other type. This is because hard wax beads make the job easier: there's no need for muslin strips, no hassle, and no mess. It's easy to clean up after hard wax treatments, it is suitable for all body parts, and it grabs all hairs effectively, even the shortest ones, which minimizes the pull on the skin. This last point brings us to the next question:
Hard Wax Beads

Why Does Hard Wax Hurt Less?

Hard wax shrink-wraps around hairs to grab them properly, and it does not adhere to the skin directly. This means that when you pull the hard wax to rip hair off, it is only hair you are pulling, not the skin. Therefore, many people feel that wax procedures with hard wax are less painful.

How Do You Get Hard Wax Bead Residue Off Your Skin?

As mentioned before, hard wax procedures are mess-free. The wax applies cleanly and is retired cleanly too. Seldom does hard wax break on the skin and leaves residue behind, so it is usually enough to apply a post-depilatory lotion to rod skin of all trace of hard wax, but mainly it has to be done to wrap up the treatment and leave the skin ready, more than get rid of any wax.
Esthetician Applying Hard Wax Beads

How to Use Hard Wax Beads?

It's very important that you melt your hard wax beads in a professional wax heater. Yes, you could melt them in the stove or microwave as a last resort, but we always advise the use of professional accessories to preserve the quality of the wax and facilitate the whole process.

Simply measure the beads you'll need to perform your wax; put them in the pot (it usually comes with the wax heater), and turn the temperature control to the maximum for around twenty minutes, when it will get the right consistency (somewhere between thick and runny).

When the wax is ready to use, still you should try the temperature at the back of your hand to make sure it won't hurt the skin. However, you'll mostly be safe because hard waxes have a low melting point, which means that they don't need too much heat to be melted and used properly.

A pro tip is that when you apply the wax on the skin, you should spread it evenly, but leave a thicker 'tab' at the end which you will use to make it easier to pull the wax. And don't forget to wait a few seconds until the wax hardens a bit before you pull it off! For a more in-depth explanation of how to use hard waxes, consult "The Ultimate Guide to Hard Body Waxes."
Melting the Hard Wax Beads

What Are the Cons to Hard Wax Beads?

Honestly, there aren't many cons to hard wax beads, other than the fact that they are a bit pricier than soft wax. As for the rest, hard wax offers practical, fast, effective, and clean waxing results. It is very easy to use by professionals and DIYers alike, so if you have tried waxing at home before, you can purchase a wax heater, spatulas, and your wax beads for easy waxing in any body part.

Get your wax beads and get ready for flawless waxes every time. Looking for the best beads? Beauty Image has got a wide variety of high-quality waxes. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to find out more about our products. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news about us right in your inbox.

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