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Apr 03, 2019

A professional esthetician knows that having the right equipment is as important as using quality products and showing experience and technique. But what happens when you don't have the pro tools – say, a wax warmer? We bet you have wondered: "Can I melt wax in the microwave?", "is there something wrong with heating wax in the microwave – or the stove for that matter?" We will answer these questions for you in a bit. Besides, we'll help you master some hacks that might save the day in case you don't have the right tools and equipment to heat wax. Last but not least, we will recommend a super easy microwavable wax that you and your clients will love: Sweet Dreams.

How to Melt Depilatory Wax Correctly

There are different methods to melt depilatory wax. Regardless of which one you'll use; these three requirements need to be met:

The right temperature: depilatory waxes melt at around 221 Fahrenheit, and they usually apply a bit below 104 Fahrenheit. If you look closely, most waxes have a "low-melting point" indication in the package.

Uniform heat: this one is extremely important because it will guarantee the most effective performance of the wax. Wax that doesn't melt in uniform heat might crack and go brittle, making your job more difficult. Stirring the wax every now and then is also a good idea to make sure that the temperature gets evened out.

Constant warmth: once the wax is fully melted, you will start doing the waxing procedure and take a while on it. During this 'standby' time your wax will go colder and lose workability. To avoid this, you need to find a way to keep it at a steady temperature.

So, Can I Melt Wax in the Microwave?

The answer is yes, and no.

You can warm regular hard wax beads or disks in the microwave provided that you have a few props to facilitate the process, as well as patience. You can also find some special waxes that have been designed especially for microwave use, such is the case of Sweet Dreams, which we will explain later.

However, you cannot melt soft wax cans in a microwave! The metal tin and the type of wax won't make it easy. And frankly, unless you are working with a special microwaveable wax, we will always recommend using a wax warmer, which will save you time and effort, and most importantly, guarantee that the wax will be in optimal condition.

Steps to Melt Wax in a Microwave

  1. To melt the wax successfully in a microwave, you need to prepare a few things: a resistant glass or plastic container, a spatula, an apron to avoid messing up your clothes, and paper towels to protect the area where you'll be using the wax.

  2. Once you have gathered all the props, you need to calculate the amount of wax you'll need and measure the amount of wax you'll melt accordingly. Put the beads in the container.

  3. Plug your microwave and turn the power wattage to 20% or ideally, 10%. This is necessary because most microwaves come with full power by default, but this kind of heat is not ideal to melt your wax. It's best to get the heat to a constant but controlled minimum in order to achieve even heat.

  4. Stick the container with the beads in the microwave, making sure you place it a bit towards the side rather than in the middle. Don't put a lid on the container.

  5. Set the timer to ten seconds, let them elapse, and take out the wax. Stir it a bit; this will help conduct heat evenly.

  6. Repeat the previous step as many times as necessary to get the correct wax consistency, which is similar to syrup or runny honey.You can start your waxing process as soon as your wax is fully melted, but if you take too long, it might start getting cold. Stick the wax in the microwave for ten seconds and stir; repeat if necessary, until the wax regains its ideal consistency.

What If I Don't Have a Microwave?

You can also use the stove to melt your hard wax. The process might take a little longer than it will with a microwave, but we want to show you how it goes in case you need to do it:

  1. Take a clean and dry pot and fill it with the hard wax you want to melt.

  2. It's time to create a double-boiler. Take another taller and wider pot and fill it with water. Make sure that the pot with wax fits into the bigger pot and that the water doesn't overflow.

  3. Put the pot with wax away for a while and put the bigger pot on the stove at low heat until the water boils. When it comes to a boil, adjust the heat again if necessary, to maintain the water at a slow but steady simmer.

  4. Now you can perch the pot with wax over the bigger pot. The steam will melt the wax little by little and more evenly than it would if placed directly on the stove. By the way, never do this unless you want to ruin the wax and the pot!

  5. Stir the wax constantly until it reaches the desired consistency. Allow it to cool for a bit before you start using it.

Should I Get a Wax Warmer, Then?Absolutely! There is no question here, a professional must have a wax warmer. According to the size of your salon, you'll need a bigger one, more than one, or different types. You can choose among small, portable warmers, large capacity warmers, double tank warmers, roll-on heaters and heating bases, and even combo heaters, which are the most practical option to warm different types of wax at the same time.

Wax warmers have special settings to melt the wax and then keep it at a steady temperature, as well as individual switches to control each pot or roll-on individually. You won't have to worry about watching, stirring, and thinking that your wax can be ruined. Make sure you get high-quality warmers, do not skimp on this piece of equipment if you want your wax to be melted perfectly and your waxing procedures to go smoothly. Consider one or several of these warmers, you won't regret it!

What about Microwavable Waxes?

Microwavable waxes are convenient and practical. They have been specially designed for microwave use, so they get the perfect consistency and temperature quickly. We strongly recommend trying a microwavable wax like Beauty Image's Sweet Dreams and seeing its benefits for yourself.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open your Sweet Dreams jar and put it in the microwave. Make sure you put it on one side of the microwave, never in the middle.
  2. Set the timer to two minutes and start the microwave.
  3. When time is elapsed, keep the wax inside the microwave for one more minute.
  4. Take out the jar and stir the content to get it evenly heated.
  5. Sweet Dreams is ready for use!

Sweet Dreams is made with ultra-flexible polymers that allow maximum workability and elasticity, apart from superior adherence. As soon as you take it out of the microwave you will notice that the wax looks extremely creamy. It is a low-melting-point wax, so it applies at a comfortable temperature. Last but not least, Sweet Dreams takes care of the skin and has delicious candy fragrances. This awesome microwaveable wax will make your waxing processes much easier for you and more comfortable for your clients. If you offer mobile services, Sweet Dreams is a wonderful choice: it'll give you optimal results with minimum effort. No more carrying heavy equipment around; you'll be ready to go wherever there's a microwave oven. Isn't it great?
We hope anyone who was asking "can I melt wax in the microwave?" got the answer they were looking for and learned more about melting wax in general. As you can see, you can always work around your resources when it comes to melting your waxes. And of course, you can choose the most practical products that save you time and effort. To learn more about our microwaveable wax and the rest of our depilatory products and accessories, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form that you will find on this website; we will be happy to help you out. You can also keep informed about us by subscribing to our newsletter.

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