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Aug 27, 2020

Among the growing variety of bikini waxes available at salons, the Hollywood wax is one of the most talked-about treatments you can find. A Hollywood wax is arguably the most comprehensive treatment you may get to remove pubic hair and, as such, it demands more time and resources than other procedures. We tell you all you need to know about Hollywood waxes, including the best way to work through intimate treatments with the most effective hard body waxes.

What's a Hollywood Wax?

Also known as a full Brazilian wax, a Hollywood wax leaves your whole intimate area bare, front, middle, and back. Once done, a Hollywood wax results in no pubic hairs left on the skin, unlike other bikini waxes that leave a strip of hair around the vagina and the inside of your butt. The skin remains smooth for 4 to 6 weeks, with a noticeable change in sensation that first-timers will definitely feel while moving or during a drastic temperature change.

Other intimate wax treatments deal with just a portion of what's covered during a Hollywood wax session so, even if a client has gotten a bikini wax before, they must still get ready for a long process that's also bound to involve a lot of extra maneuvering and more comprehensive aftercare treatment. To leave the intimate area fully bare, clients will have to shift positions several times and estheticians will need to use more wax. The process itself demands a level of precision that some estheticians haven't fully mastered, so there might be a limited number of qualified specialists for the job. Because of all the time and skills that go into this treatment, costs are notably higher, especially when we remember that hard waxes (more expensive than their soft counterpart) are the solution that specialists recommend using when it comes to delicate parts of the body.

Here are some tips to help clients prepare for a Hollywood wax:

  • You can ease your way into a Hollywood wax by trying a regular bikini wax first. This will help you get familiar with the initial irritation and prepare more aptly for the pain.

  • Since waxes leave the skin smooth for weeks, it's best to book an appointment well in advance of any special event. If you want to be hair-free on a particular date, there's no need to way until the day is upon you to get a Hollywood wax.

  • While hot showers and baths will open the pores to make the process less painful, they can also soften the skin to the point where it's more difficult to grab/pull the hairs. Make sure to wash yourself many hours in advance so the skin is already dry when it's time to start waxing.

  • It's difficult to properly exfoliate the skin around your nether regions before your first Hollywood wax. Because they don't adhere to the skin, hard waxes can deal with this issue without increasing your discomfort. After your first Hollywood wax, it will be easier to keep a proper exfoliation routine down there.

  • Don't trim the hairs before a Hollywood wax. It's possible to grow one or two hairs little after a session when your regrowth cycle is still different for each separate hair. You can tweeze those out if you still have time to spare before your next wax.

  • Bring a change of underwear to the wax session.

What to Expect from a Hollywood Wax?

While there might be slight changes depending on the rules and protocols set at the salon of your choice, the process entailed in a Hollywood wax is very straightforward and shares many key steps with every other wax treatment.

  1. Just as it happens with all wax treatments, a Hollywood wax begins with an initial consultation. This consultation is naturally longer if the client is getting waxed for the first time, but it's just as important for seasoned clients: it works as a way to gauge the success levels of previous sessions and helps estheticians assess the evolution of different skin conditions if a client were to suffer from them. Because of the nature of the treatment, the likeliness of having to postpone a session to avoid risks is moderately high for some people.

  2. Clients are led to a private area, positioning themselves according to the esthetician's instructions on a couch/chair covered by a cool towel. The esthetician will start the pre-wax treatment using antiseptic and natural gels to get the skin ready for the wax. From the beginning of the pre-wax treatment to the end of the session, the esthetician will be using fresh disposable gloves to touch the skin.

  3. As they start working on each portion of the skin, estheticians will constantly make sure that the temperature is tolerable, checking the clients' reactions and spreading the wax in very small sections to dull some of the pain while ripping. We've already talked about the advantages of hard waxes to remove hair on sensitive parts of the body. These waxes are pulled off by hand, without the help of a strip. While their consistency improves workability on narrow areas, the esthetician's technique is essential for the wax to have a firm hold on all the hairs.

  4. For some portions of the treatment, you will have the option of keeping the clothes on your lower half, but unlike other types of bikini wax, Hollywood waxes involve some steps where pants and underwear can seriously obstruct the esthetician's progress as they cover the entirety of the pubic bone. At some point, you will have to bend each leg in different directions and you will need to lay on your stomach to let the esthetician wax your backside. The esthetician will look for alternate methods if clients aren't physically able to maintain a particular position.

  5. During the post-wax treatment, the area is cleansed of product residues and soothed with oils, cool towels, and creams. While hard body waxes leave little to no residues behind, the best way to prevent infections is to ensure that the skin is properly clean. Redness and irritation are normal in the first 24 hours of the aftercare period, so it's best to wear loose clothes to make the itchiness more bearable.

A good bikini wax requires skills, as well as the best line of hard waxes to ensure comfort for the entire duration of the treatment. Look through the variety of hard waxes created by Beauty Image and start perfecting your services. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form and we'll help you get familiar with the composition of our hair removal formulas and the optimal way to use them during a wax session. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so we can bring the most relevant content straight to your inbox.

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