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Hard Body Waxes

Hard Body Waxes
Are you looking for a hard body wax distributor? Look no more! Beauty Image is a hard body wax distributor located in Miami. We offer a wide variety of hard body waxes that cater to every taste and need. Our low temperature hard body waxes are enriched with various active ingredients that guarantee efficacy when removing all unwanted hair, all the while leaving the skin soft and glowing.

Hard body waxes attach to the hair only, and that is why they are particularly recommended to be applied on sensitive areas such as the face, underarms, and the bikini area. Hard body waxes are thicker than soft waxes, applied with a spatula, and removed by pulling the wax itself, meaning there is no need for a muslin strip.

Unlike soft waxes, hard body waxes should only be applied in small areas, and, as they leave no residue, there is no need to clean the area afterwards. An additional advantage of using hard body wax is that it is less painful on the face.
At Beauty Image, we have a wide range of hard body waxes that fall into four main categories Classic, Finewax, Depilsense Ayurveda, and Glamour. Our Classic hard body waxes come in four styles: For Men, Pink, Natural, and Green Beeswax. The Finewax with Cotton Oil hard body waxes come in two varieties: cans and beads. Our Depilsense Ayurveda is like no other hard body wax found in the market. It has a revolutionary composition, providing effective hair removal while leaving the skin hydrated. Last but not least, we have our Glamour line, which is a great novelty hard wax for the body. It combines the properties of classic Finewax with the active ingredients of our Glamour line.

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