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The Advantages of Using Soft Body Waxes for Bikini Waxing

January 27, 2017

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Woman Legs After a Bikini Waxing Throughout the years, waxing has become a vast business filled with countless products that are made for different uses and skin types. However, broadly speaking, hair removal waxes can be divided into two simple groups: soft body waxes and hard body waxes. Knowing which one works best for each part of the body is what makes an esthetician a trustworthy one. So, when it comes to bikini waxing whether it is an American, French, or Brazilian treatment , most experts and professionals agree that soft waxes are the best option to get great results with less pain.

Soft waxes are one of the most common hair removal options; waxing procedures with this type of product are also called strip waxing, mainly because you need a muslin strip to remove the wax after you apply it onto the skin. Hard waxes, on the contrary, do not need any kind of strip to be pulled off, you just apply a thick coat on the skin, wait for it to dry, and then pull it off. Both types of waxes fulfill different purposes and work better in different areas. Here are four reasons why you should stick to soft body waxes when treating the bikini area.
  • It's timesaving
  • With hard waxes, you have to wait until the wax hardens to pull it off of the skin; it's a slow and arduous hair removal process that takes more time than strip waxing. Usually, a bikini wax with hard body waxes can take up to 30 minutes, while you will only take 15 minutes with strip wax, even less if you're skilled. You only need to spread the wax onto the skin, place the muslin strip on top of it, apply some pressure, and pull it off no need to wait for anything to dry. A quick service is important to some clients, especially those with a tight schedule.

  • It helps with exfoliation
  • Strip waxing not only removes hairs, but also exfoliates your skin. When you pull off the wax, it takes away dead skin cells, leaving a new layer of skin. Hard wax does not have the same effect since it does not adhere to the skin when applied. On the downside, this can be harmful for customers with sensitive skin who cannot withstand exfoliation through waxing for them, hard waxes are a safer option.

    Soft Wax Line by Beauty Image
  • It's suitable for that area
  • Soft waxes are perfect to treat large areas of the body. Hard waxes, on the other hand, work better in small areas like eyebrows or armpits. Besides, hard waxes sometimes need to be applied several times to the same area to remove all the fuzz a big ouch for the customer , while soft waxes are better at removing hair in one go.

    Nevertheless, it is important to highlight that, even though soft waxes are great for the bikini area, when it comes to the labia, the best strategy is to switch to hard body waxes. This part of the body is extremely delicate, so we want to prevent skin irritation as much as possible; therefore, hard waxes work better in this area.
  • It's cost-effective
  • Soft waxes are usually cheaper than hard body waxes, even if they have the same quality standard. They generally cost between five and fifteen dollars a pack, while hard waxes can sometimes cost twice as much.
Each type of wax is made for a specific area and a certain type of skin. As you can see, soft waxes are perfect for large body areas, while hard waxes work better on small areas, especially the face. Make sure you know what works best for each area so you can provide an excellent service to your clients.

At Beauty Image, we have a wide variety of soft body waxes that you can use to satisfy your customers' demands. If you want more information about our waxing products, call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you will find tutorials on how to purchase our products through our website. Don't forget to find us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA and follow us on Instagram @BeautyImageUSA to keep up to date with beauty tips and waxing recommendations for your spa.
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